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Stop & Stare (Bastille Remix) – Fenech-Soler

9 May


First remix I’m going to put up and it is a cracker. Bastille is one of my favourite bands of 2011 so far, producing some truly memorable pop songs. Fenech-Soler are a British electronic band who released a damn good debut album last year. Together the two have come up with something great. Due to band illness, the group aren’t touring right now but this should make up for it for now!

The remix of Stop & Stare (not the One Republic song…) comes together to sound a bit like Bloc Party and a lot like something awesome. Soaring chorus vocals and nippy synthy lines make this a song that’s sure to leave a permanent mark on your brain for the next couple days. The original of the song has pretty awesome video too so take a look.