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Underground Love – And The Giraffe

21 Oct

And The Giraffe: No relation to a Roald Dahl story.

A slightly special post today. It’s my birthday! And in the spirit of gift-giving, I’ve got a present for you today in the form of a a great new band, And The Giraffe. The story (like most) begins with a phone upgrade. I recently made the shift to an iPhone. Good should you ever need to know the capital of Lithuania on a whim. Bad if you ever want a minute without a new email.

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Still – Frontiers

26 Nov

Photo Jennifer Anne Simpson

Nottingham based four-piece Frontiers have got something going. Formed in 2008, the bad describe themselves as falling “between Interpol and earl Cure.” The band made enough of an impact in their first year to play Reading and Leeds in 2009 and in the past year have supported We Are Scientists. They have also enjoyed significant air time across BBC radio stations in the Midlands and have received praise from E.Midlands Radio saying the group has made “magnificently accomplished music full of tantalising promise.” And as this year draws to a close, the band are putting pen to paper in writing some songs for the new year.

Today we bring you a special demo, Still, which is a promise to music fans that this band may have what it takes to make it. The song is an ambient piece with soaring guitars and uplifting vocals. The band have put together an evocative track that compliments the falsetto vocals making the song both powerful and subtle, certainly arena-friendly. Still sounds a great deal like Drive like I Do’s Robbers which we reviewed earlier but leaves a different taste. While Robbers kicks into a indie rock ballad, Still offers something else – tone and control – taking it arguably to the next level in song craftsmanship.

Still and several other of their songs from the past two years can be heard on the MySpace and in 2011, new music and gigs will be on their way. Stay tuned, Frontiers may be getting closer and closer to their frontier, and on the cusp of major success.