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Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse

1 Aug

Amy Winehouse: As she should be remembered.

By now, every aspect of Amy Winehouse’s life, downward trajectory and death has been pored over, analysed and commented upon. As such, it’s difficult to add anything that hasn’t been said. However, I believe it is worth adding support to those who praise Winehouse’s wonderful body of work and her obvious amiability rather than those who focus upon her excessive drug taking and downward spiral. Many things irritated me about Winehouse’s life. It wasn’t simply the constant documentation of her life and partying but rather the nonchalant treatment of a fantastic singer as nothing more than a Big Brother contestant. Russell Brand has already written a moving, heartfelt obituary for The Guardian but I’m more interested in Lady Gaga’s reaction. She claimed that Amy Winehouse made it okay for girls to be weird in pop. As The A.V Club noted, in the way that Winehouse presented a different image, she was a ‘trailblazer.’ Her force, if not musical influence can be seen in the likes of Gaga and Adele today. For that, I will be thankful and I regret neglecting that in my article about pop music’s tendency to embrace ‘weirdness.’

That’s all I have to add to (the on-going and deserved) discussion of Winehouse. The kindest thing any music journalist could do would be to remind everyone of Winehouse’s overlooked song-writing and her unforgettable voice. Which is exactly what I’ll do now, with my favourite Winehouse single, which seems apt for many a Winehouse mourner, Tears Dry On Their Own: