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Gregor Samsa Is Dead, Long Live Gregor Samsa – Asfandyar Khan

9 Oct

Snow Makes Things Perfect Cover Art

From Islamabad, Pakistan comes a soothing and thought-provoking EP by artist Asfandyar Khan. Snow Makes Things Perfect is his first piece of work, and on the EP are six different songs, each possessing a quality that separates them in both more and less obvious ways from the other tracks on the EP. This is my first taste of really any kind of music from Pakistan, and its sweet. Throughout this EP, there is the classic element that is contained within almost all instrumental music: swelling. These songs gradually grow and then flourish before your ears, making for beautiful music. In one or two places however, you’ll be surprised at what happens, and this is totally refreshing.

This song, Gregor Samsa Is Dead, Long Live Gregor Samsa is my favorite on the EP. If you listen, in the background you can pick up the soft noise of what sounds like a train or factory, or it could be just city noises. The juxtaposition of this and the soft acoustic riff that plays beautifully yet softly makes for an intriguing opening to the song and reels you in for the duration. In terms of the title of the song, Gregor Samsa is a fictional character in The Metamorphosis, a novel by Franz Kafka, and unfortunately that’s the extent of my knowledge on the subject. We’ll definitely be looking to see what Asfandyar Khan comes up with in future, and if you want to get his music visit his website.

Here’s a video with some beautiful footage, and another song of his called Hello Morocco: