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What’s Her Name? A Brief Guide to Girls’ Names in Music

1 Mar

Rihanna is the only one in the world, Katy Perry kissed one and Richard Springfield wouldn’t stop saying how much he wanted Jesse’s one. Girls, we’re preoccupied by them and so is music. Especially girls’ names. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love anything to do with your own name. Favourite king? (any one of the) Henrys. Favourite chocolate bar? Oh Henry!s. Favourite cleaning apparatus? Henry the Hoover. Despite any wife-killing tendencies, an overwhelmingly sugary taste and a really quite tacky hoover, they’re my favourite because I’m obsessed with my name. Much is the same with music. Songs with your name are instantly more appealing. There’s nothing wrong with this, I’d do it if Henry was a more popular name, but please be selective in your musical vanity. Case in point, your name’s Amy. Britney Spears sang If U Seek Amy it’s true. But Yann Tierson also created an intriguing track entitled Amy, an infinitely more interesting choice. There’s variation (unless your daughter is called Stacey, in which case you have few options), don’t just love the first one you find. Because if you’re going to be like me and decide if something is named after you that it was actually created for you, you might as well be picky.

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