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Crawling Back To You – Daughtry

30 Dec

Fear not. I have returned. You were getting worried, I could tell. It’s okay though, I’ve managed to engineer a brief respite from relaxing in the United States over the holiday period to bring you a song that has been splashed all over American radio. We all know Daughtry. Their lead singer was contestant on Season 5 of American Idol, they’ve written notable hits such as Home and Feels Like Tonight, and they’re that band that has a song played constantly on the air.

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Lucy – Jealousy

1 Dec

Let me take you back a few years. There is little to no information available on the supposed greatest source of information in the world about this track and/or this band. I think it’s reasonable to guess that the guy in the album art is staring longingly at Lucy. Continue reading

Lullaby – Nickelback

24 Nov

If by any chance you stalk me, you might know that the first album I ever owned was by Nickelback. Over the years I’ve watched them rock less and less hard and slowly begin producing more of what I guess you could only call “mainstream rock.” Don’t get me wrong, I still love them. I still think Chad Kroeger’s voice is awesome, and I still think they are truly incredible songwriters. So when I first listened to their newest album, Here And Now, I was ready and raring to go.

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Heartbeat – The Fray

12 Oct

The Fray are a band that I really love. I thought their first album, How To Save A Life, is just about as good as a debut can get. If that weren’t enough, their sophomore effort, The Fray, was just as good if not better. Personally I just cannot get enough of Isaac Slade’s voice, and I am a firm believer that he can write a melodic hook as good as anyone. Take a listen to The Fray’s latest single, Heartbeat:

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Remain – Tyrone Wells

8 Sep

In 2009, Tyrone Wells released his first album entitled Remain. The first single off of the album, More, reached number 13 on the triple A radio charts. However, today I’d like to talk to you about the title track. Take a listen to the punchy and catchy Remain:

This song feels familiar to me. It’s that sort of rock that is melodious and not too heavy, but is still really engaging at the same time. It really reminds me of Daughtry for some reason. Not really sure why. If you recognise this, you’re (probably) not crazy. Tryone Wells’ music has featured on a plethora (that’s right, plethora) of different television shows. Check out the rest of the album also!

Blood Pressure – The Static Jacks

5 Sep

Sometimes I’m so glad that we have American music. And that’s not because I can’t get enough of Gaga, but because the diversity of it means that there will always be music that does it for me! Thanks to a recommendation from a friend of mine, New Jersey rockers The Static Jacks are on the playlist. Last week their debut L.P If You’re Young was released. In short, it rocked but if you want it in long read this review from Pop Reckoning.

For this post I just want to focus on a couple of the songs. First off, Girl Parts. The song has a cracking chorus and the vocals and the rapid high energy of the rest of the band make it a proper indie rock song. It features added vocals from Ceci Gomez to give it a bit of extra bite.

At this point I just want to emphasize how much I love Ian Devaney vocals. They just sound terrifically English and remind me of the best of the genre that has all but been destroyed in the UK. The group are supporting The Wombats at the moment who are British but much (much) worse than Static Jacks. Nowhere are Devaney’s vocals more impressive than on the building anthem Blood Pressure. He sounds like Morrissey(!) and the punchy backing vocals are reminiscent of The Jam.

It would be foolish of me to suggest that The Static Jacks are at that level yet but they are remarkably close. The prospects for what comes next are very, very exciting.

Hackensack – Fountains Of Wayne

2 Sep

Fountains Of Youth: A sound of the 90s

I might be wrong here (and most likely am) but I often feel my music taste alines more naturally with American music. I love our British classics, but when it comes to contemporary British music, I find myself tolerating most acts and disliking the rest. And while The Beatles and The Kinks will always take up a significant portion of my iPod’s memory, it’s bands like Fountains Of Wayne and Nada Surf that remain closest to my heart. In fact, Fountains Of Wayne and Nada Surf are similar artists, musically and thematically. Both bands started in the 90s, neither found mainstream success until a decade later. I’m still not quite sure if Nada Surf have found mainstream success but they should. Most of you will know Fountains Of Wayne from their 2003 Stacy’s Mom which would be the equivalent of Nada Surf’s 1996 MTV anthem, Popular. The latter feels like a precursor to Kelly Rowland’s Stole and comfortably sums up how I’ll look back on high-school through an Angela Chase perspective. I’d show you the video of Stacy’s Mom, but I really don’t like it. Instead, here’s a song from their excellent latest album, Sky Full Of Holes called Richie and Ruben:

Fountains Of Wayne will always have a place in my 1990s-orientated heart thanks to Hackensack:

It has an unmistakable Fountains Of Wayne feel; the blend of wry, bitter popular humour that they’ve perfected over their career. What I also love about Fountains Of Wayne is their sense of popular culture and references seen in Hackensack‘s lyrics:

 I used to know you when we were young, you were in all my dreams
We sat together in period one, Fridays at 8:15
Now I see your face in the strangest places: movies and magazines
I saw you talking to Christopher Walken on my TV screen

It’s nostalgic without being sentimental and is surprisingly heartfelt for Fountains Of Wayne who always lean on the cynical side. There’s also a wonderful reference to the changing times of music consumerism with:

I used to work in a record store, now I work for my dad

Call me weak but that brings a tear to my eye. It’s Empire Records, a loving look back at the teenage years and a completely lost time all in one. For her MTV Unplugged (so 90s again!) Katy Perry covered Hackensack. If anyone ever questions her live talents, I can always refer them to her Unplugged album which boasts a hugely competent, Jagged Little Pill quality. Allmusic.com complemented Perry’s good taste in her choice and it seems a perfect match. Hackensack seems to have influenced Perry’s sometimes nostalgic Teenage Dream. The One That Got Away (which shares startlingly similar themes to Hackensack) opens with:

Summer after high school when we first met
We make out in your Mustang to Radiohead

Fountain Of Wayne-esque popular culture references are rife in Perry’s lyrics from Ur So Gay (H&M, Myspace and Mozart) to The One That Got Away. Sure, Perry’s June and Johnny Cash (I was June and you were my Johnny Cash) might be the sugar-coated Reese Witherspoon version but at least a new generation are going to grow up, knowing who Johnny Cash is. Here’s her cover:

Young Blood – The Naked And Famous

11 Aug

Today I have a great song for you that I’m really excited about. The Naked And Famous’ Young Blood has begun to generate a buzz, and once you listen to this uplifting tune, you’ll know exactly why. Released from the New Zealand bands debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You, the song debuted on the New Zealand charts at number one, making it the first track produced by a kiwi band to do so in three years! Enjoy this one!

See? I told you it was great. What I love about this song is the way that it seems to so effortlessly blend aspects of the Passion Pit and MGMT type of electronic, with the assets of classic rock that we’re so used to hearing. Did you hear that electric guitar? Did it sound great? I thought so. You can check out the music video here, and a live performance of the song here.

Jump In The Pool – Friendly Fires

19 Jul

Over the past few months I have grown to really like Friendly Fires. They have a really awesome electronic-rock sound that is pretty hard to come by. The song Jump In The Pool is actually so good that it got released twice. Yep, released and then re-released. Take a listen to it here:

This song reminds me quite a bit of Foals’ Spanish Sahara. It just kind of surrounds you in dreamy and ethereal noise, while the vocals are beautifully high and floating. The verses are a little bit different, but I feel like the whole things blends really nicely. Here’s the video:





Half Light – Athlete

7 Jul

If you know Athlete, you probably know them for their utterly beautiful song Wires, which propelled the band’s second album, Tourist, to number one in the UK Album Charts after just a week. That song is was inspired when lead singer Joel Pott’s newborn baby was rushed to intensive care after a premature birth. Because of the colossal success of Wires, a lot of their other music has been outshone, and that’s why I’m here today to introduce you to Half Light:

Really love this song. It has so many different aspects, and I feel like it’s traditional rock but with a more electro twist. Tourist was really a great album, and I’d recommend going and buying the whole thing, because it’s one of those CDs where every song is strong.