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Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn

12 Jun

(Prank) Call Your Girlfriend. Don’t.

I was going to hook you guys up with a new, on-the-scene songwriter today but I had to shuffle things about. Blame exams, everyone. Not me. Anyway, recently I moved our kitchen’s speaker into my room because, you know, I like music. Anyway, a few of the albums to which I’ve been listening during revision are Body Talk, fun. at Fingerprints and a lot of Watch The Throne. Body Talk is mind-blowing; electric hit after hit with constant, underlying heart.  Robyn is the popstar omnipotent at creating radio ready hits (but if only!) that pack emotional energy. Recently, they used Dancing On My Own in Girls to totally endearing effect. Check that scene below and Call Your Girlfriend after the jump (the latter is absolutely, haltingly perfect.):

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10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 11

17 Dec

It’s been a lovely week in popular music. We’ve been surrounded by lists of lists of the best lists of 2011 which is always a pleasure. When Christmas comes round, all the best things collide at once: Lists and tinsel. On another note, this will be our last TILAP column of the year as  there will be some special one-offs over the break and I need some valuable hibernation time. But we’re going out with a firework, the cherry on top of a truly magnificent year for pop music. Enjoy, my lovelies, enjoy:

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