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I Wish – Skee-Lo

5 Aug

A couple of days ago, I was unexpectedly reminded of a classic song that I hadn’t heard for a long time. A cover of Skee-Lo’s I Wish came on the radio, and it got me thinking about how much I loved the original. I have to say, at the time, I didn’t like the cover, which as it turns out, was by a band called The Secret Handshake. Here’s Skee-Lo’s awesome original:

After reliving that gem, I then decided to go back and give the cover another listen, because I thought that maybe the nostalgia I felt for the original affected my judgement of this more recent version. The Secret Handshake turn the song into pop, giving it a real melody, and employing sugary synths to construct the backing. Personally, it’s not my thing, and I much prefer the original, but in case you want to check the other version out, here you go:

Lyrics – A.L.

26 Jul

First of all, let me apologize for our website breaking down. Apparently our domain was reviewed and was deemed ‘suspicious,’ so they shut us down immediately. We are working as hard as we can to get back up as soon as possible, but it’s still really, really annoying. Have a listen to Lyrics:

Please forgive me for being brief, but I’ve been at the computer for a while now trying to sort a buuuunch of stuff out. So I’ll leave you with this awesome and rare chilled-out hip-hop from rapper A.L.

Glen Close (feat. One Be Lo) – Binary Star

8 Jul

Haven’t had any of this in a while, and so here is one of my new favourite old school hip-hop songs. You have to love the story about how the members, One Be Lo and Senim Silla, met each other during their time at Hiawatha Correctional Facility and formed Binary Star. I also love the part where the two weren’t allowed to leave the state of Michigan, and so they embarked on a very extensive tour of only the one state. Take a listen to Glen Close:

These guys are just cool. It helps that the instrumental to this track is awesome; it sounds like very relaxed but upbeat music that you might hear in a hotel lobby. They also drop one of my favourite lyrics of all time near the beginning of the song: ‘Did a dirty duty with a cutie she’s a model.’ It just sounds so natural and adds to why I like this song so much. Also try and listen to the story that’s told throughout.

Forever – Casey Veggies

3 Jul

Another one from the Odd Future crowd, Casey Veggies released his CD for free on his site. Instantly, Forever stood out to me. Recently a lot of this hip-hop (especially from OF) has really been ticking the boxes for me, and if you like this, you should check out Frank Ocean if you haven’t already. Anyway, here’s Forever:

This is an awesome song to chill to, and I love the dialogue at the beginning. Who doesn’t have those times where your eyelids automatically close during class and you are struggling hard to stay awake. The best part is that you can download the entire CD here for free.

Higher – J.Cole

22 Jun

I know, I know. Little bit late on J.Cole. I’ve been wanting to write about him for a long time, but there was just so much other good stuff coming my way that I guess he must’ve just slipped down the pecking order. Oh well, have a listen to Higher, one of the songs off of his mixtape Friday Night Lights:

This is a really awesome relaxed yet fun song, and probably my favourite on the whole mixtape (and believe me, there are a lot of songs on there). J.Cole will no doubt be a big name in the future. In fact he kind of already is a big name. What’s also really cool is that you can download the whole Friday Night Lights mixtape here for free!

Marvin’s Room – Drake

13 Jun

I’ll admit straight off the bat that I’m not a huge Drake fan. For me he tends to use slightly too much auto-tune, and I find a lot of his music kind of shallow. The only other thing associated with Drake that we’ve featured is that awesome Deadboy Remix of Fireworks. Take a listen to Marvin’s Room, a track that’s a part of Drake’s new album Take Care, out October 24th.

I know it’s kind of melancholy, but hey, it works. Especially for me, since it’s pouring with rain outside at this very point in time. To me this track is a great example of the ‘less is more’ theory. All Drake uses is a soft backing, and it makes his voice and his words stick out and really hit home. They also seem to be heartfelt, and it’s a nice change that he’s not trying to figure out the square root of 69. I’ll be interested to hear what the album is like. Download here.

Prophet (Better Watch It) – Rizzle Kicks

25 May

Feels like a while since the last hip-hop, and even longer since the last British hip-hop. Oh well, here we go with Prophet (Better Watch It) from dynamic duo Rizzle Kicks. First of all, you just have to love the story about how these two got together in the first place. Facing each other in a football match before going to the same college, it seems like they were always running into one another before they eventually got together to start making music. Take a listen to the song:

I love this song for a lot of reasons. Firstly it’s so old school. It has an awesome beat, and what’s more, the balance between the guys’ two different voices is great, and keeps the track refreshing throughout. They really manage to incorporate a huge amount into this song, harmonies included. What’s more, their voices have that cool factor that you just have to have naturally. The video is also outstanding:

I would definitely tip these guys to be big in the near future. For more check out their site, where the guys have just released an awesome new song called Down With The Trumpets.

Getting Graphic: Do We Like Explicit Music?

2 May

Recently, it seems to me that we’ve been buying and praising more explicit music than we usually do. The huge increase in the popularity of rap collective OFWGKTA for me has really grabbed my attention and begged the question: Do people really like listening to this stuff? Continue reading

Young, Wild & Free – Wiz Khalifa (feat. Snoop Dogg)

23 Apr

Heard this the other day, and thought it was a great chillout song. Wiz Khalifa and Snoop joined forces in order to produce a soundtrack for the film High School. It’s going straight to DVD, so it might be reasonable to assume that it won’t be bagging any Oscars. 

The piano in the backing is what really makes this song fun and relaxed for me. Wiz has a solid verse, and as usual, Snoop Dogg’s voice is awesome. The track has a kind of “I don’t give a shit” feel to it, which is cool. It’s basically an explanation to old people of how high school kids are bad. To be honest, if someone had to explain it, I’d want these two to do it.

Earl – Earl Sweatshirt

16 Apr

WARNING: This post is not for the faint of heart. This has been out for a while, and I first heard it a long time ago, but Earl Sweatshirt is finally starting to get the recognition he deserves. The release of Yonkers by Tyler The Creator triggered a huge spike in popularity for the rap collective OFWGKTA (of which Earl Sweatshirt is a member), and so it seems fitting to write about this now. First off, this song is fucked up. There’s no other way to say it. Listen if you dare:

While you’re still washing out your ears, I’ll explain. Even though this song is outrageous, I can’t help but be seriously impressed at how messed up some of the lyrics are. It actually led me to listen to other songs of this nature just to see what the most ridiculous lyric was. This song won. Call me sick, but I really like listening to it, and Earl masters the rhythm. Now, if you’re really brave, you’ll watch the video, which is fucked up beyond imagination, or you can download Earl’s great album totally for free here.