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10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 2

15 Oct

Welcome to my second column of 10TILAP (here’s last week’s) where I’ll be counting down what’s great, good and pretty gruesome in the world of popular music this week. This week we have: whinging from Matt Cardle! New Radiohead music! And a celebration of my supreme stalking abilities. As my latin teacher once said, ‘you’re only as good as your search engine terms.’ Hope you enjoy!

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Popular – Nada Surf

8 Dec

Relatively speaking  (using Gaga as a marker) Nada Surf are a hidden gem. They produce consistently satisfying albums, if never quite sublime, and were firmly embedded into the noughtie’s popular culture stream as one of Seth Cohen’s favourite band. They’ve got a new album out but it’s worth looking through their back catalogue.

First up, Popular with a wonderfully reminiscent 90s video that oozes Election imagery and so forth:

This, I feel, is what Nada Surf do best (perhaps this is not the most subtle example): produce tongue-in-cheek tracks that are catchy and indulgent enough to root themselves into teenagers’ iPods.

Another example, their cover of OMD’s If You Leave:

It seems a little… disrespectful to highlight a cover as one of their best tracks but it’s so perfectly balanced with its emotional output it’s pretty unavoidable. There was a dry spell for Nada Surf with a fairly lacklustre album. However, check out Inside of Love and Blonde on Blonde, both outstanding pop tracks.

Their last album, Lucky was a return to form with See These Bones a highlight. Its flowing melodiousness elevated it to one of the best pop songs of 2008: