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Checking in on the iTunes chart: Part Two

3 Jul

Upgrade your cell plan, already.

Howdy, howdy. They say that in summer time, a music listener’s heart turns to pop. Okay, they don’t say that but for the purpose of this article: They do. A while ago, I checked in on the iTunes chart for some rigorous analysis (read: six bullet points) but it was fun! Right? Well our stats for that day certainly say it was so let’s delve into those murky depths once more!

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A Payphone Remix For Your Saturday

12 May

Maroon 5’s Plan For Your Saturday

I’m a huge, huge fan of Maroon 5 (some evidence) and super duper excited for their new album. Overexposed is released next month (I think. . .) and it’s likely that it’ll be played again (and again and again) on my iPod this summer. Here’s the video for their new single, Payphone (there are EXPLOSIONS):

Fun remix after the jump:

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