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Waiting For My Day To Come – Noah & The Whale

9 Feb

Noah and his ark: Minus Laura, natch.

I’m faintly surprised we don’t feature Noah & The Whale more often on the blog. Their latest album is as note-perfect as they’ve ever been but the last time we mentioned them was way back last February (!) when I made some prophecies about the Top 40. Looking back, those guesses were pretty solid. Rolling In The Deep did pretty well, right? And I think I heard that Katy Perry track about aliens somewhere about the place. Noah & The Whale didn’t quite make the impact that I was hoping for and I can’t quite understand why. Last Night On Earth is superb! Listening to Waiting For My Chance To Come, I couldn’t work out why it hadn’t been released as a single. How wrong I was! It was released as their 4th single but only peaked at at 185. Britain, what’s wrong with you? Here’s the video:

Fun (ish) fact after the jump:

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The State of the UK Top 40

11 Feb

The Top 40 represents everything that is wrong with our commercially driven music industry. Fact. It’s full of Simon Cowell-influenced clones that don’t have a modicum of integrity between them. Fact. There’s no creativity, just monotonous pop. Well, is this true? I thought it might be interesting to examine the Top 40 in more detail and come to a conclusion on whether we can gain some inspiration from the most popular tracks in the country.

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Wreckin Bar (Ra Ra Ra) – The Vaccines

7 Dec


“Game changers…that will launch a hundred wannabees.” Clash Music and music experts and fans alike are all acutely aware of the musical change The Vaccines look set to bring about. The London-based indie Quartet have been making waves all across radio and Britpop as a whole and following their inclusion in the long list of Sound of 2011, we feature them.

The band debut single released last month has allowed them to sign up with Columbia Records. Off the back of two songs and a YouTube demo in September, this is quite remarkable. Lead singer Justin Young has enjoyed the only success of any of the group prior to this autumn, and that was moderate – playing alongside friends Noah and the Whale and Laura Marling. Wreckin Bar (Ra Ra Ra) is one minute and twenty eight seconds and infections, visceral pop. Its so short and sweet that it cannot help bring a smile to your face. A great song, not too much else needs to be said because the song is finished before you get a chance.

The Vaccines are playing indie pop without abandon, revitalising a genre which is close to an all time low, much the same way The Drums did a year previous (who were in the top 5 in 2010). If you can judge a group from three songs then The Vaccines are set to make a significant impact in the New Year. Congratulations also to Jamie Woon, also made the list, and a favourite at Can You Hear This.