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Out Of My Mind – B.o.b feat Nicki Minaj

23 May

B.o.Bbing along.

I know I promised a Gleecap but I . . . failed on that front. Anyway, I downloaded B.o.B’s Strange Clouds and I think it will turn out some neat summer jams. Anything for pre-exam procrastination, y’all.

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Checking in on the iTunes charts

13 Apr

Thank whomever you want to for those shorts.

Increasingly all the music to which I listen is fairly old – and therefore boring (for blog purposes) – so I ventured into the iTunes top 10 for you guys today. Here’s what I learnt:

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Stupid Hoe – Nicki Minaj

10 Jan

I thought you were bringing the sick ass beats: Nicki and Jay Sean.

I should currently be doing a Latin essay- let’s let that slide, shall we? Here’s a new Nicki Minaj song for you:

This is difficult to like. It’s got a lot of noises that seem determined to makes the sales of Nurofen to rocket. Underneath the all-honking, all-beeping surface, there’s some pretty endearing Minaj there. It won’t convert anyone who is Nicki-averse but there’s enough of the genial expressive nonsense that won the rest of us over from the beginning to keep you entertained. An old (well, 2010) slice of Nicki after the jump: 

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The Year In: Collaborations

29 Dec

Collabs (abbreviations are the only way that this post is going to be written with a trace of coherency before I collapse into my bed surrounded my holiday prep and Hardy) came into their own this year. We’ve had some inspired pairings and some purely marketed for number 1 status (I’m looking at 2/3 of yours, KP.) Let’s take a gander at some of the best:


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10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 10

10 Dec

Happy Birthday!: This picture was relevant. For science.

I apologise for almost everything about this post. This hasn’t been the most laid-back period of my life but I shall be on top form soon enough! Enough moaning, here’s some shiny, shiny pop music:


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10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 8

3 Dec

Pink Ladies: GaGa, Nicki and KP.

Don’t hate me because this is a short post, let your eyes thank me for all the reading I saved them! Brevity is all:

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Underground Kings – Drake

8 Nov

Another album for which there has been an absolutely massive amount of anticipation. Drake’s Take Care is his second full album, and after early releases of Marvin’s Room, Headlines, and Trust Issues, everybody who loves Drake could not be more excited. The official release is set for November 15th, but over here, we got lucky and I managed to get my hands on an early copy.

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Blazin’ (feat. Kanye West) – Nicki Minaj

6 Jul

Nicki Minaj: Cleavage isn't objectification when it's ironic, right?

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Nicki Minaj’s album, Pink Friday hasn’t exactly caused the stir that it sought to. It’s a mighty shame, because Minaj herself is fantastic just not that many people have listened to her singles (relative to current female popstars) in the UK. For those unaware, Minaj adopts personas on her record and subverts traditional female stereotypes. Her album cover features Minaj dressed up in a pink dress with a pink background, doing her best stupefied Barbie impression, quite the contrast to her gritty, expletive-laiden lyrics, she raps on Did It On ‘Em:

Shitted on ’em, man I just shitted on ’em
Shitted on ’em, put yo’ number two’s in the air if you did it on ’em

Your traditional female popstar, Minaj ain’t. Which is a delight, as she happily matches her male counterparts, outdoing Eminem on Roman Revenge and providing one of 2010’s most memorable raps on Kanye’s Monster. The record, potentially in the shadow of Lil Kim’s past efforts (which led to a bizarre controversy between the two) is full of witty, daring singles that show that Gaga isn’t the only female popstar who will break out of Top 40 mould. Music after the jump:

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