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We Are Young – fun. ft. Janelle Monae

3 Jan

Kids These Days: Fun. Fun. Fun.

Hey! Welcome to 2012. I have a feeling this year’s going to be really good. I also have a feeling that I say that every year but it’s never bad to start with a bit of optimism. One reason to make you feel gleeful: We Are Young has been given an official video. A few more reasons: There’s plenty of slow-motion shots, Janelle Monae being Janelle Monae and a giant beanie Dog being ripped apart. Hey, whatever floats your boat. It’s an awesome start to the musical year and I hope fun. find mainstream success. The video’s below, and Glee’s version is after the jump. It’s really worth watching. Happy New Year!

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Pandamonium – The White Panda

2 Mar

Yup, time to party again because our favourite mashup duo are back with an awesome third album, hot off the press (released yesterday). Pandamonium is a titanic 40-track party soundtrack, featuring a few standout combinations that I’m going to walk you through.

First of all, there’s Infinite Dream, which we already covered earlier. So that’s that one out of the way. Next up has to be Tinie Tempah’s combo with Sneaky Sound System. Like the other’s that The White Panda so often produce, it’s just a good, fun party song!

Another cool tune on the album is called Shake It To Me, which features Ian Carey, Timbaland, and Nelly Furtado. This one’s unfortunately only 53 seconds long, but when it gets into the real thing, it’s a great tune.

If this next track doesn’t put a smile on your face, then I’m pretty sure there’s nothing that anyone can do for you. I Want Brooklyn Back features Jay-Z and the Jackson 5. With the Jackson’s backing, it’s almost impossible to sound bad, but Jay-Z actually adds a great touch.

Now I’ll be honest. I hate the original of Like A G6. But The White Panda save it for me with their awesome tune Why A G6? It’s the Far East Movement’s unimaginative song set to a great backing my Supermode, and you gotta hear it:

Don’t get me wrong, this whole album is packed full of tracks that will make your party. It’s just… there are 40 of them, so I had no choice but to give you my personal highlights. The idea with this album is that you’re supposed to play it all the way through, and each song plays into one another. That’s partly why these tracks here don’t really fully do it justice. And that’s the reason you should download it totally for free from here.