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Perfect World – The Gossip

6 Apr

The Gossip: All Talk

Happy Friday! I’m quickly (slowly) catching up with all my cultural blindspots recently. Up to date with The Hunger Games, I’m half way through The Perks of Being a Wallflower and enjoying it! Okay, the real reason I do it so that I can say I read the books before they were turned into films. Yup. I’ve also been catching up with my teen-pop: Taylor Swift’s Fearless is just a really good record, okay? Update over, let’s hear some new music.

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Interview: Meg Myers

1 Mar

Happy Thursday you guys! As a pre-weekend treat, we’ve got an interview with the fantastic singer-songwriter, Meg Myers. We featured her last week with her unforgettable After You (No really, it’s been on repeat in the car all week) but now we have interview with the up and coming artist, whom MTV tipped in their 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of The Week. Del Rey, watch your back. Meg gives us some insight into her musical influences (Enya! Who knew?), her current musical crushes (I’m in the process of downloading each and every one) and her song-writing process (a tri-blend of inspiration, blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm.) Full interview after the jump:

After You – Meg Myers

21 Feb

Of all of the singles I’ve posted here this year, I think After You has the most potential to break out. And I don’t just mean some kids in your school might like it. I mean, Adele at the Brits 2011/ Videogames pre-LDR backlash big. It’s rare that I am actually able to say that. Also rare: this density of hyperbole in a blog post. The last time it happened was with Somebody That I Used To Know (and there, all I did was predict a trend that had already kickstarted in Gotye’s native Australia.) This feels different. Gotye had released two prior albums and had a catalogue of side-projects. Hence, this post reaches you with mondo excitement. Meg Myers is going to be huge, and one listen to After You and you’ll feel exactly the same way. Apparently spring turns a boy’s heart to fancy, Myers’ voice is an equally apt counterpart. (If I haven’t provided enough incentive to jump the jump, here’s a video of a polar bear hugging a dog.)

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Dark Paradise – Lana Del Rey

2 Feb

LDR in B&W: Suitably Dark

Welcome to my rota-organised life, one and all. I’m continuing with reviewing singles off of Born To Die. Great news if you like glamorously cool YouTube stars. Bad news if you don’t like glamorously cool YouTube stars. After apologising last week for my failure at keeping up a weekly column, I didn’t actually talk about the album as a whole. I like it. A lot. But it feels a bit misleading to say, I like the Lana Del Rey album. I like Lana Del Rey (specifically her voice) and I like that she has an album out but I don’t know how I feel about the album as a coherent, studio-produced record. It feels undeniably rushed, probably as a result over the rocketing success of Videogames, but I don’t think that should count against it. It’s a useful comparison when considering 19 and 21. I much prefer 19 (another female popstar’s first album that critics didn’t exactly fawn over) precisely because it feels a little more raw. 21 is awesome but it’s also really polished. The bits that shine off Born To Die (and Videogames) are the neat little flourishes that feel mercurial and organic. Sometimes, they’re a stretch like the bizarro-Gwen Stefani-esque ‘D-A-R-K, do it my way,’ but most of the time, LDR pulls it off. So anyway: Amateur is good, professionalism sometimes boring. Same goes for my writing. Actual music after the jump:

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Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey

31 Jan
Surprisingly chipper for this particular post.

Surprisingly chipper for this particular post.

I start off this week, as ever in my life, with an apology. Sorry for the lack of 10 Things I Love About Pop on Saturday. I went out on Friday night and well, that’s enough of an explanation. I did, however meet some awesome people so all’s not lost? Worst apology ever. After a productive team meeting, we’re now established a rota to which I’ll be sticking ruthlessly. For two weeks. Anyway, this week I thought I’d be nice and methodical (because, sometimes I have to be) and blog a few tracks of Lana Del Rey’s debut album. We’re on the backlash to the backlash of her original backlash, which a ride that would give anyone whiplash. And look, I was pretty disappointed after reading Stereogum’s review but the good news is that I bear no such feelings shared by that author. The Times called it a tour de force which, albeit hyperbolic, is closer to how I actually feel. Actual review and no tangential information after the jump:

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