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Hands Down – Dog Is Dead

23 Jan

Let’s kick off your week how you want it to continue. I’m going to post three bands for the first three days of this week, all of which I think are going to blow your socks off this year. Continue reading

10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 4

5 Nov

GaGa, Klaine, Taylor, Zooey, Zooey Deschanel and a Bieber paternity case: All ingredients for a good week in pop.

As I was away last week, it was a pop-free week at Can You Hear This. Have no fear, we’re back up and running with some prime pop news for your weekend. I hope you’re ready for some heartbreak and Christmas music. And that’s just the first thing I love about pop this week. For the other nine, keep reading!

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Dhorahar Project – Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons

19 Oct

Okay so I’ll admit it, I’m unusually in love with folk music, but its that time of year. The problem is ive had Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale, Mumford & Sons and assorted others on repeat for the last three weeks. Even Marling and Mumford’s recent live performance for BBC Radio 1 wasnt enough to stave the thirst for this strain of music.

So where do you go?? The answer it seems is India. Almost like a folk version of the Beatles, Marling and Mumford trekked off to the Indian continent. The result is documented on Channel Four’s documentary, but in musical terms its beautiful. The two cultures clash surprisingly well creating something where the differences are clear between them but at the same time they have obvious similarities. There is a texture that runs common between the two folk angles, the guitars are replaced with sitars but there is still a rough and ready while at the same time naturally beautiful tone to the music.

If I had to choose a stand out song it would have to be, To Darkness/ Kripa there seems to be so much more integration here. The whole folk scene blends, the bleakness of british folk and colourful cultural routes of India. You are sort of caught off guard by its jarring notes and yet at the same time as this is happening there is a kind of sense and unity to the music. It’s deep with complexity and the layered effect of native Indian instruments over the acoustic guitars makes it even more interesting. The two layers slide over each other, giving way and complementing each other but at the same time creating a cacophony that you just cant help being caught up in. Almost as if you are in a dream and the world starts to distort itself and rise above you and all you can do is stand and watch in awe.

There are plenty of other great tracks on the short project album and they showcase the way in which East met West and fell in love with each other. I feel like a third wheel here, but hey I can put up with that as long as I can listen to this music 24/7.

Other artists you may like:

Noah and the Whale, Regina Spektor, Feist.


Official Website: http://www.lauramarling.com/

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/lauramarling

Liar – Mumford & Sons

14 Aug

Mumford & Sons have begun to take over the USA, after having conquered Britain with their folksy yet heartfelt sound. For some reason this song, Liar was never released on their album Sigh No More in early 2010, but we still think it’s a treat.

This song is entirely acoustic, and very very mellow. I’m still not sure why it wasn’t released with the rest of the album because frankly, I think it’s a really nice song. The beginning is as easygoing as anyone could possibly ask for, and it gets even better in places as it swells and then reverts back to its original calm sound.

Mumford & Sons are at the top of their game after having just played at Lollapalooza in Chicago, and I don’t think it will be long before they’re being raved about in America.

Their unique sound (which is helped by the inclusion of the banjo in a lot of their songs) helps them to stand out and make them great performers on stage, so if they come to your neighbourhood, it’s not something you’ll want to miss.

Since the song was never actually released on the album, it’s impossible to find a live performance video of that particular track, so have a look at this one on Jools Holland Live. The song is called The Cave and it showcases their talent brilliantly:

Check out their official website if you’re interested.