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Why I Love You – Jay Z & Kanye West (ft. Mr Hudson)

7 Jun

Skirts for men are apparently a big trend and thus Kanye stays well ahead of the crowd as per.

For some bizarre reason, I’ve only recently sat down and listened to Watch The Throne properly. And it’s been an utter delight. The first half of that album is fantastic and there are a few highlights that dot around the whole album. One of them is WHy I Love You , fifth from last on the album’s tracking. Here’s a little reminded of previous Kanye/Mr Hudson collab, Supernova:

So much of that pleases me – the imagery invoked by ‘as the warm champagne falls’ in partix – and there’s a similar indulgenc eot be had in Why I Love You. Like Lift Off, it’s a realy joy on Watch The Throne and a pretty fabulous addition. Listen after the jump:

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