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Meet You There – The Molloys

4 Mar


Adverts, as Henry has shown on a couple of occasions, can showcase some great music which would otherwise be unheard. I heard The Molloys through an advert for Richmond Sausages of all places! I’m not a sausage man but I do love the music. To be honest with you, I can’t find too much about the artist. It would probably require some actual research which would distract me from telling you about this song!

Who they are is not as important as the quality of this song. Meet You There was actually only released as a song after the Sausage people gave in to popular demand having originally commissioned the song as an original for the advert. The song just represents summer to me – which is nice in the middle of the winter. It’s happy and gives me such a warm, fuzzy feeling.

And check the advert where it all started. It goes perfectly with the song and the guys that commissioned the song clearly knew what they were doing. So thank you Richmond Sausages for delivering me a rare nugget of folk beauty.