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Wrong In All The Right Ways: Should We Singalong To Pop Music’s Current ‘Weirdness’?

27 May

From Left: The cast of Glee celebrate their insecurities; Lady Gaga in a comparatively normal outfit.

In an endearing (but nonetheless undeniably commercial) advertisement for Google Chrome, Lady Gaga tweets to her little monsters: ‘This is our moment.’ And it sure seems she’s right. For anyone who doesn’t know what a trending topic is or doesn’t have a YouTube account, the term ‘little monster’ is a name attributed to a fan of Lady Gaga (herself being the ‘mother monster’). Is it a confirmation of their alternative group mentality in the face of adversity, or a brilliant marketing-ploy? Perhaps it’s a little of both. Either way, people buy it. Lady Gaga has 10 million followers on Twitter and was recently revealed as Forbes’ most influential woman. I should say now that I don’t like her music at all, Poker Face in particular left me cold.  But what does interest me is the general shift in pop music to celebrating the different, and not forcing its listeners into recognisable public form. I’m aware that Lady Gaga, as The Awl noted, has not invented every contemporary modern pop music factor. Weirdness itself is not an invention of the last two years. The existence of artists like David Bowie would deconstruct any such misconceptions. Even Gaga’s contemporaries are keen to embrace the weirder school cliques. To her ‘nitty gritty dirty little freaks,’ Pink sings ‘raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways.’ But there can be no doubting that Lady Gaga well and truly shoves weird into the all-singing, all-dancing spotlight. In a meat dress. And a lobster hat. But what does this mean for pop music, and is it something we should regard with a cynical eye or truly ‘raise a glass to,’ as Pink suggests?

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