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10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 2

15 Oct

Welcome to my second column of 10TILAP (here’s last week’s) where I’ll be counting down what’s great, good and pretty gruesome in the world of popular music this week. This week we have: whinging from Matt Cardle! New Radiohead music! And a celebration of my supreme stalking abilities. As my latin teacher once said, ‘you’re only as good as your search engine terms.’ Hope you enjoy!

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The X Factor – Any Talent?

21 Nov

It’s very easy to write the X Factor off as commercial rubbish that produces meaningless pop, masterminded by Simon Cowell. Because, very often this is true. Every year the music seems to get BIGGER, the gossip more SCANDALOUS and the narrator even more IRRITATING. This year, there have been some surprises. Well, there’s been one. The continual persistence of Katie Waissel. She has actually ousted one of the genuinely good acts, Aiden Grimshaw. So now, in the peak of the competition, this author asks if there is any talent left in the competition.

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