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Clubbed to Death – Rob Dougan

31 Oct

As well as a love of music, my other passion in life comes from film, making them and watching. One of the most revolutionary films of the decade love it or hate it, before it went of the rails, was The Matrix. and from that comes one of the most musically remembered scenes of all time, the girl in the red dress as its affectionately known to its fans. the song is the work of mind of Rob Dougan, Clubbed to Death is the song which in just a few opening bars turns your world upside down.

The song opens with Edward Elgar and Gustav Holst before twisting the world round into a carefully constructed web of electronic with frequent returns from both of the classical composers. It’s the way the tune is managed into a skilful and precise nature while delivering a mix of electronic symphonies that blends around you and incarcerates you in this tangle of utter brilliance.

It’s a song like no other and just like the film deserves landmark recognition for being simply magnificent and influential along every track of electronic music since. Here’s another of his tracks, Furious Angels enjoy…

Look out for more posts with our shenanigans in film-making coming very soon.

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