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Made In America (feat. Frank Ocean) – Jay-Z & Kanye West

10 Aug

Apologies for how late today’s (or should I say tonight’s) post has arrived. I had to go to the hospital to get a recurring back problem checked on. Better late than never, right? I guess in some ways it was inevitable that one of us had to write something about Jay-Z and Kanye’s collaborative project, Watch The Throne. Two of the biggest names in hip-hop coming together was always going to harness masses of attention, and after listening to the whole album through a couple of times, I can say that I really honestly like it a lot. Take a listen to perhaps my favorite track, Made In America:

You might be able to tell that I’m a little reluctant to say that I really, really love this album. The main reason for this is that I feel like the album is an experiment in some way. Jay-Z and Kanye have absolutely nothing to prove after their colossal success, so they can do what they like as far as I see it. In some parts, the experiments are great, and work well, but I’m just reluctant to fully embrace something that in places, doesn’t sound like it has a clarified style. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the album as a whole is great, and I love the inclusion of Frank Ocean and Mr Hudson on certain tracks. I would still definitely download it because it’s awesome lyrically, and makes for a great listen, and to be honest, in my opinion it’s one of those albums that you really have to hear yourself to judge.