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Overjoyed – Bastille

28 Feb

I’ve already made the point that this site over-features Bastille. But he/they produce some of the finest music you will ever have the pleasure of hearing.

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Laura Palmer – Bastille

16 Feb

Getting a little tired of today’s pop? Are Katy Perry’s sugar coated vocals and cotton candy synths getting on your nerves a little? Enter Bastille; a small artist who has received little acknowledgment so far. There could be huge things on the horizon though. The two songs that I really like show off Bastille’s refreshingly heartfelt but still upbeat sound, and it works incredibly well. Take a listen to Laura Palmer:

Bastille plans to put out a single soon, and you might expect some shows in the near future, so watch this space. If Laura Palmer wasn’t catchy enough for you, try listening to another great song of his, entitled Icarus:

If that STILL isn’t enough Bastille to quench your thirst, then check out the music video for Flaws:

Find more Bastille on his YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.