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Up All Night – Oliver Tank

20 Jul


Oliver Tank is the master of trancy-calm-pop. Exhibit a: Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion, which Jonah reviewed and – long title aside – is beautiful. Up All Night runs in the same vein and delights in its tenderness. It’s three minutes of wonder and intimacy as Tank mixes sentimentality with a soothing blend of space-out. Seriously, there are scuba diving noises on this one, folks. Which makes me really, really miss scuba diving. But the same level of intimacy with oneself and an escape into a dream world can be found on Up All Night. Surprise contrast after the jump!:

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Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion – Oliver Tank

8 Dec

Okay guys, I have a great song for you today. When I say a great song, I mean one of those tracks that you just CANNOT take off of repeat.

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