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Sabotage – Wale ft. Lloyd

19 Jun

Save the Wale

Do you remember this? 

I enjoyed that a lot, and 90210 which prefigured whither hip was going to hop off. If Jonah is our Drake champion, then Wale’s mine. He’s creative, original and classical all in one. Anyway, I’ve only recently checked out his latest album, Ambition and his new (relatively) single, Sabotage. It features Lloyd and is excellent. A sweet mix of a catchy refrain with witty rap (Avatar references always hit home). Check it out after the jump:

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The Year In: Underdog Anthems

28 Dec

Losers Like Them: GaGa, P!nk, Taylor and Glee.

If there were ever a year to be an outcast, 2011 was that year. I’m not being cynical about it because society can be pretty isolating and if people can find support through music, so be it. Of the year’s biggest themes in popular music (dubstep and underdogs), the anthems that heralded the misfits and anyone that the majority deems different were surprisingly heartening. There are far worse trends (homophobia, misogyny) that artists have exploited in the past. At least this one spreads a freakin’ good message. So we’ve rounded up the top 5 most notable examples of artists singing, ‘hey, just because you think stamp-collecting while drinking hedgehog blood is the bee’s knees doesn’t mean you’re weird. In fact, you’re all the better for it.’ Unsurprisingly, every single choice on this list has been featured on Glee (Edit: Taylor’s Mean totally hasn’t). That may make people roll their eyes, but it makes me want to give the show a massive hug and make it cookies. There is however, a problem with these anthems as they tend to convey a broadbrush message completely devoid of subtlety. But that’s another post entirely. Please also note that I am currently tired from an excess of eating, unwrapping and sellotape-induced injuries. I have already misspelt ‘underdog’ as ‘undergod’ twice which would give this article a much different, more worrying undercurrent. Bear with me:

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10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 8

3 Dec

Pink Ladies: GaGa, Nicki and KP.

Don’t hate me because this is a short post, let your eyes thank me for all the reading I saved them! Brevity is all:

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10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 6

19 Nov

Talking That Talk (in black and white): It’s been a moody time in pop. Not really, but I couldn’t find colour photos.

Last week was pretty dramatic for me, and pop music. And the WORLD.  So let’s take a more peaceful gander through the world of pop music this week. No apocalyptic visions, just ear-friendly beats. It was a Rihanna-centric week which is good news for anyone who’s a fan of the Good Girl Gone Debauched, bad for anyone who still has Umber-ella-ella-ella ringing through their brain. This is also a video-heavy post, because a) there seemed to be rather a lot this week and b) I’m tired. Let’s pop!

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10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 4

5 Nov

GaGa, Klaine, Taylor, Zooey, Zooey Deschanel and a Bieber paternity case: All ingredients for a good week in pop.

As I was away last week, it was a pop-free week at Can You Hear This. Have no fear, we’re back up and running with some prime pop news for your weekend. I hope you’re ready for some heartbreak and Christmas music. And that’s just the first thing I love about pop this week. For the other nine, keep reading!

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The Ultimate Glist: Glee’s 20 Best Song Cont. (15-10)

20 Oct

Glee’s Girls: Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, fuelling Tumblr users’ imaginations for years.

So here’s what you missed on the Glist (Glee + List, like d’uh). We had Nelly, Kelly and The All American Rejects. And a musical show-stopper for good measure. We’re rounding off the teens today and scraping the surface of the top 10. On a side note, I was researching the Glee cast’s discography for this post and the chart figures for this latest season are pretty dismal. The charting has been It’s Not Unusual at 65. The Glee cover on season 2? Teenage Dream at 8. On a sider note, these were both sung by Darren Criss. And the highest charting of season 1 was Don’t Stop Believing, reaching the heady peaks on number 4. Now this should be disappointing for Glee fans but let’s get everything in perspective. How many other television shows have sent 6 songs into the Hot 100 thus far this season? Not many. Glee isn’t as stratospherically popular as it once was but it still remains a successful show. The only difference is now it has a dedicated fan-base which can only ever be a good thing. Anyway, lists!

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10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 1

8 Oct

In the spirit of weekly traditions, I’m adding my own two cents to Can You Hear This with the weekly column, 10 Things I Love About Pop  (wordplay, making lazy journalism acceptable forever). Here at 10TILAP, I’ll be running down what I’ve been loving, listening to and finding out about popular music this week. I listen to pop and I like it. I hope The Libertines don’t mind it.

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Hair – Lady Gaga: In Memory of Jamey Rodemeyer

23 Sep

There was an eerily prescient moment in popular culture today. R.E.M, one of the most influential bands in the last thirty years announced their split. Perhaps the most well known anthem, Everybody Hurts touched millions as a message for those contemplating suicide with the simple message: Don’t do it.

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Girls Just Want To Have Fun (And Sometimes Puke In Roller-Skates)

9 Aug

Photos From Last Night: Beyoncé runs down a hill in a wedding dress… Katy Perry passes out.

A journalist once told me that the advent of blogging and the rise of amateur journalism led to a sloppy attitude to writing and a lack of thorough research. As a writer for Can You Hear This, I was reminded of these words earlier this week. On Thursday, there were misinformed articles about Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night and the singles record that she broke. She did indeed break a record of having the most Number 1s from a single album with Teenage Dream, singing her way past Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake’s 4 Number 1s from The Fame and FutureSex/LoveSounds. A considerable achievement but not the one to which most headlines alleged. Despite what many articles claimed, she has not yet tied with Michael Jackson’s record of 5 Number 1s on the Hot 100, only the Top 40 which is compiled through radio plays. In fairness, most of the articles have been adjusted and footnoted appropriately. And earlier this year, Perry did surpass a significant milestone as she became the only artist to spend an entire year in the Hot 100 Top 10; an impressive feat for a singer who many thought would simply kiss a girl and then retreat to one-hit-wonderdom.

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Wrong In All The Right Ways: Should We Singalong To Pop Music’s Current ‘Weirdness’?

27 May

From Left: The cast of Glee celebrate their insecurities; Lady Gaga in a comparatively normal outfit.

In an endearing (but nonetheless undeniably commercial) advertisement for Google Chrome, Lady Gaga tweets to her little monsters: ‘This is our moment.’ And it sure seems she’s right. For anyone who doesn’t know what a trending topic is or doesn’t have a YouTube account, the term ‘little monster’ is a name attributed to a fan of Lady Gaga (herself being the ‘mother monster’). Is it a confirmation of their alternative group mentality in the face of adversity, or a brilliant marketing-ploy? Perhaps it’s a little of both. Either way, people buy it. Lady Gaga has 10 million followers on Twitter and was recently revealed as Forbes’ most influential woman. I should say now that I don’t like her music at all, Poker Face in particular left me cold.  But what does interest me is the general shift in pop music to celebrating the different, and not forcing its listeners into recognisable public form. I’m aware that Lady Gaga, as The Awl noted, has not invented every contemporary modern pop music factor. Weirdness itself is not an invention of the last two years. The existence of artists like David Bowie would deconstruct any such misconceptions. Even Gaga’s contemporaries are keen to embrace the weirder school cliques. To her ‘nitty gritty dirty little freaks,’ Pink sings ‘raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways.’ But there can be no doubting that Lady Gaga well and truly shoves weird into the all-singing, all-dancing spotlight. In a meat dress. And a lobster hat. But what does this mean for pop music, and is it something we should regard with a cynical eye or truly ‘raise a glass to,’ as Pink suggests?

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