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Breezing through my Summer playlist: fun., Andrew Bird and some rock.

1 Jun

Summer! Also: Get well soon, KoL

Exams are conspiring to make this the least fun few weeks of my life. That means posting is likely to become grouchy/irregular. I thought about just posting some playlists of mine over the coming weeks with a few comments. Then I realised that would be incredibly lazy. Then I thought, it’s still lazy but I’m going to do it. And as a reminder, we compiled a summer-ready playlist for you last year; it’s worth checking out. Enjoy these next few weeks. If you have exams, bear with it; if not, bear with whatever ‘it’ you have:

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Live @ The Isle of Wight Festival 2011 – Day 1

11 Jun

So after minor delays and the unfortunate event of missing We Are Scientists, We arrived at the site of the Isle of Wight festival, burning a trail directly to the main stage, and stopping only at the H&M lounge to pick up our access wristbands, arriving halfway through Band of Horses’ set. They provided a short and light introduction into what has to be one of the best line-ups of the summer.

The Courteeners
Next up where The Courteeners who began the real festival action. Getting close proved to be a reckless but awesome experience, and they truly took the atmosphere to a new level. Definitely a band which was perfectly billed for the stage and the crowd, nicely exciting the revellers for the night ahead while delivering their own unique and memorable performance. Frontman Liam Fray was especially outstanding.

 Kaiser Chiefs
The Kaiser Chiefs were next on the main stage and they  came on to a ready and waiting crowd. The people five metres from the front were readying themselves for the brazen chorus of ‘I predict a riot’ and the antics to accompany it. Unfortunately their first song put this vision in jeopardy and we were suddenly looking at a band trying to sell their new stuff from The Future Is Medieval, which wasn’t festival worthy in its lyrics or tunes. They started to rectify this with a few older tracks from their repertoire, Ruby and I Predict A Riot came and went, but there still were too many new tracks which left the crowd unsure as to how to respond. The mood could be summed up by taking another sample of their lyrics ‘we are the angry mob, we love you, we love you, we hate you we hate you, oh but we are oh so easily swayed.’ Thank god they ended with ‘oh my god I’ve never been this far from home.’ It was noticeable that they’ve fallen slightly from the days they used to headline this stage in 2008.

Kings of Leon
If Kaiser Chiefs need any advice on how to run a Friday night main stage, I refer them to the headliners. Kings of Leon. The moment they stepped on stage you could tell why they deserve that first word in their band name, despite their frontman Anthony Followill’s humble words claiming that he didn’t know how to front a band but still had a hell of a lot of fun. Their rule was glorious, equally rocking the ground and delivering more mellow tracks as darkness engulfed Seaclose Park. After their awesome entrance, they had a task to provide an end which befitted them. After the lasers and light show, the fireworks crowned them the kings of the festival season so far, framing the stage and lighting up the sky, while exploding from the backdrop. I don’t envy the task Foo Fighters and Kasabian have over the next two days, though I have seen flying equipment today so I’m preparing to eat my words this evening.

More soon from the Isle of Wight festival.

Pyro – Kings of Leon

27 Jan

Okay, I know that you all thought our raving about the new Kings of Leon album Come Around Sundown, but it has only just struck me how insanely good this song is. It’s one of those songs for me that I’ve listened to tirelessly over the last few days. I love everything about it; the guitar noodling right at the beginning, the crashing drum beat, everything. Really, just take a listen, it’s awesome.

I also really love the lyrics. If you listen and get to know the song, you’ll hear how cool they are. As a final word of praise for the track. Just listen to 2:45, where everything comes to a standstill and Caleb Followill’s voice rings out over the quiet picking of guitar strings. Then a huge wave of rock and roll hits you in something that I find so good it’s just too hard to describe with words. That’s enough from me, I’ll just leave you with the song. Oh, and also with the video. If you love it as much as me, check out this live performance:

Come Around Sundown – Kings Of Leon

4 Oct


They are back. I was lucky enough to get hold of an early release of the Kings Of Leon new album and I can assure you all, this does not disappoint. I know that we normally review individual songs on this blog but since very few have heard the album in its entirety, I would review all of it. I thought the band were criticised by some music fans very unfairly for their fantastic last album. They’re, in the words of Missing Andy, “hugely popular” now so deal with it.

The End:

Fans of the band will have heard Radioactive, their opening single which delivers some of the rock punch that was so important to their last album. However, the opening track, The End, will impress fans from albums prior to their last, with Nathan Followill’s vocals drawing you into a smart piece of music. You get the same sort of thing with Pyro and Mary, it seems to have a retro feel to it which is infectious. You cannot help that the band, much like Brandon Flowers did in his album, are paying tribute to where they’re from. This is most clear when you hear songs like Back Down South, a clear tribute to their homeland.


My personal favourite track is The Immortals. I love the riff flowing through the song and the feel-good lyrics make this song a sure future hit although maybe not just yet. Second to it though would be the album’s closer, Pickup Truck which is hugely reminiscent of Use Somebody from Only By The Night. Just so you all can get a feel of the music before you get hold of a copy, both of these tracks are up here for you to listen to. So enjoy the music and buy the album on iTunes when it comes out in a couple of weeks time!

The Immortals:

Radioactive – Kings of Leon

9 Sep

Here’s something completely new from the Kings Of Leon. They released their comeback single Radioactive yesterday morning, and it’s an awesome tune.

Their album, Come Around Sundown is set to be released on October 18th, while the Kings have also been busy planning a tour of the UK in December. Plenty to look out for from these guys in the not-so-distant future. For more information check out their official website. Watch the video below or download the track here.

California Waiting – Kings of Leon

2 Aug

Kings of Leon have had two major hits, Use Somebody and Sex on Fire reach top ten chart positions in more than three countries. Both of these hits were off of their album Only By the Night released in the summer of 2008. California Waiting is one of their older songs, before the band hit it big.

This album, Youth and Young Manhood was released in 2003, and is an awesome CD, even though it may be overlooked due to the huge success of Only By the Night.

We love this song because it’s just so rock ‘n’ roll. The guitars are wicked and Anthony Followill’s vocals are distinct and perfectly grungy. Make sure to check out the rest of the album, because there are some real gems on there that shouldn’t be missed.

Check out their official website if you want some more info about the band.

Here’s an awesome live performance of this song from T in the Park 2004: