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Encore – Jay Z & Nicolas Jaar (Buzz-T remix)

17 Jul


This is . . . unexpectedly fantastic. Nicolas Jaar has been remixed with Jay Z’s encore and the results are pretty damn dynamic. There’s something here to please everyone’s taste as the remix cruises past unexpected curiosity to something kinda lush. L:isten and replay in the summer to seem cool in front of your friends; ‘I have this great remix you won’t have heard before . . .’:

New God Flow – Kanye West & Pusha T

4 Jul

Here’s a new track from Kanye with Pusha T. After winning a BET Award with Jay-Z (an award ceremony that had everything, including Jay-Z in direct competition with his missus, and Kanye getting interrupted during his speech in a Kanye-like way), Yeezy is on a high. He has every reason to be with awesome tracks like this one.

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Why I Love You – Jay Z & Kanye West (ft. Mr Hudson)

7 Jun

Skirts for men are apparently a big trend and thus Kanye stays well ahead of the crowd as per.

For some bizarre reason, I’ve only recently sat down and listened to Watch The Throne properly. And it’s been an utter delight. The first half of that album is fantastic and there are a few highlights that dot around the whole album. One of them is WHy I Love You , fifth from last on the album’s tracking. Here’s a little reminded of previous Kanye/Mr Hudson collab, Supernova:

So much of that pleases me – the imagery invoked by ‘as the warm champagne falls’ in partix – and there’s a similar indulgenc eot be had in Why I Love You. Like Lift Off, it’s a realy joy on Watch The Throne and a pretty fabulous addition. Listen after the jump:

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10 Things I Love About Pop

7 Jan
KP, LMFAO and RiRi: 2011, it's like we never left 'ye.

KP, LMFAO and RiRi: 2011, it’s like we never left ‘ye.

Welcome to 10 Things I Love About Pop: 2012! Or, 10 Things I Loved About Pop In The Year The World Was Supposed To End. Whatever works for you. Let’s have some good news anyway, shall we? Michael and Jonah have both returned to the blog: Good for fans of Drake and indie bands respectively (more news from them later) and great news for Henry’s energy levels. There’s only so many unreleased Katy Perry demos one can write about. So let’s head into another year of pop music, head’s high and smiling. It’s as glossy and slightly disconcerting as ever and we’re going to have a lot of fun analyzing it. Enjoy:

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The Year In: Collaborations

29 Dec

Collabs (abbreviations are the only way that this post is going to be written with a trace of coherency before I collapse into my bed surrounded my holiday prep and Hardy) came into their own this year. We’ve had some inspired pairings and some purely marketed for number 1 status (I’m looking at 2/3 of yours, KP.) Let’s take a gander at some of the best:


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Never Changing (Jay-Z & Coldplay) – Maludo

17 Aug

I found this gem the other day. Mash-Up fans pay attention because Maludo has worked some magic here, and created something awesome. Coldplay and Jay-Z get blended together to produce Never Changing, a relaxing product that will calmly lead you through any Sunday afternoon, or rainy day.

For whatever reason, I don’t really think anyone has picked up on this yet, but you most definitely should. Also, the news gets better, because it’s available to download free of charge, and you can do so by clicking here.

Made In America (feat. Frank Ocean) – Jay-Z & Kanye West

10 Aug

Apologies for how late today’s (or should I say tonight’s) post has arrived. I had to go to the hospital to get a recurring back problem checked on. Better late than never, right? I guess in some ways it was inevitable that one of us had to write something about Jay-Z and Kanye’s collaborative project, Watch The Throne. Two of the biggest names in hip-hop coming together was always going to harness masses of attention, and after listening to the whole album through a couple of times, I can say that I really honestly like it a lot. Take a listen to perhaps my favorite track, Made In America:

You might be able to tell that I’m a little reluctant to say that I really, really love this album. The main reason for this is that I feel like the album is an experiment in some way. Jay-Z and Kanye have absolutely nothing to prove after their colossal success, so they can do what they like as far as I see it. In some parts, the experiments are great, and work well, but I’m just reluctant to fully embrace something that in places, doesn’t sound like it has a clarified style. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the album as a whole is great, and I love the inclusion of Frank Ocean and Mr Hudson on certain tracks. I would still definitely download it because it’s awesome lyrically, and makes for a great listen, and to be honest, in my opinion it’s one of those albums that you really have to hear yourself to judge.

Blazin’ (feat. Kanye West) – Nicki Minaj

6 Jul

Nicki Minaj: Cleavage isn't objectification when it's ironic, right?

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Nicki Minaj’s album, Pink Friday hasn’t exactly caused the stir that it sought to. It’s a mighty shame, because Minaj herself is fantastic just not that many people have listened to her singles (relative to current female popstars) in the UK. For those unaware, Minaj adopts personas on her record and subverts traditional female stereotypes. Her album cover features Minaj dressed up in a pink dress with a pink background, doing her best stupefied Barbie impression, quite the contrast to her gritty, expletive-laiden lyrics, she raps on Did It On ‘Em:

Shitted on ’em, man I just shitted on ’em
Shitted on ’em, put yo’ number two’s in the air if you did it on ’em

Your traditional female popstar, Minaj ain’t. Which is a delight, as she happily matches her male counterparts, outdoing Eminem on Roman Revenge and providing one of 2010’s most memorable raps on Kanye’s Monster. The record, potentially in the shadow of Lil Kim’s past efforts (which led to a bizarre controversy between the two) is full of witty, daring singles that show that Gaga isn’t the only female popstar who will break out of Top 40 mould. Music after the jump:

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Run This Town/Posthumus Zone – Jay-Z, Rihanna & E.S. Posthumus

29 Jul

Okay, so our first rap post is one you may have heard already, because it was first played a while ago, but only just released, so I thought I’d post it anyway. Remember Jay-Z and Rihanna’s track Run This Town? Yeah, well they’ve released it with E.S. Posthumus, and it has a totally different sound to it.

E.S. Posthumus have provided an awesome classical background to the song, and it sounds amazing. It’s a really great one to put on your iPod when you go running or need to get pumped up. I’d recommend not holding back on this one, and blasting it for full effect.

The reason you may have heard it before was because it was actually played and used before Superbowl XLIV.

Anyway, it’s an insane song, and we thought we’d give you the

youtube link to the video that was shown before the Superbowl because, quite frankly, you can’t get much more awesome than this: