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Interview: Stomacher

5 Jun

Disgusting word – great band

We reviewed Stomacher’s awesome third album last week. Today we have an interview with the massively talented, San Francisco indie rock band.

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Daughter In The Choir – Meg Myers

9 Mar

Good things come in threes, you guys. And we’re rounding off two Meg Myers post with a third which is, suicide-prevention by Curb Your Enthusiasm-barred, the most exciting. Because, hey: Here’s a (free) EP. You can hop along to Meg’s website and download it straightaway. And go ahead! But wouldn’t it be fun to stay with us a while longer as we take a musical gander through Daughter In The Choir? Thought so.

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Interview: Meg Myers

1 Mar

Happy Thursday you guys! As a pre-weekend treat, we’ve got an interview with the fantastic singer-songwriter, Meg Myers. We featured her last week with her unforgettable After You (No really, it’s been on repeat in the car all week) but now we have interview with the up and coming artist, whom MTV tipped in their 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of The Week. Del Rey, watch your back. Meg gives us some insight into her musical influences (Enya! Who knew?), her current musical crushes (I’m in the process of downloading each and every one) and her song-writing process (a tri-blend of inspiration, blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm.) Full interview after the jump:

An Interview with Tom Williams & Boat

9 Apr


Having just reviewed the magnificent Concentrate, Tom Williams And The Boat agreed to a casual questioning from Can You Hear This. Tom Williams, lead singer and lyrical genius, answered all of our questions.

I think that it’s easy to understand why “Tom Williams” is in the band name, but why are the rest of the group “the boat”?

I think it was just trying to not be the ‘somethings’ and be a word that still might hint at a group of people but be a bit weirder…we were also into stuff like Noah And The Whale and Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit which was all pretty new in 2007 when we were trying to think of a name! That kind of name has got a further reach though, all the way back to the crickets, heartbreakers or wailers.

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