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Heaven – The Walkmen

22 Apr

And as the circular prophecy continues, with this post I’m now swinging back into the indie rock side of the rock-dreampop spectrum that I adore so much. This particular track looks to be blowing up (32,000 plays in 7 days alone), and so is definitely one to watch out for! The eternal vocal call-to-arms resounds pleasingly – Remember, remember all we fight for:

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Breakneck Speed – Tokyo Police Club

20 Nov

As when I see a rusty swing sitting in the corner of some far-fetched playground, I always get a rush of nostalgia when I listen to Champ, the second album from Canadian band Tokyo Police Club. Drifting through the songs, Breakneck Speed is the one that strikes a chord. Compared to their usual sound, this track is more drawn-out, with the lingering vocals and guitar chords combining into a wistful reflection of youth:

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