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The Year In: Underdog Anthems

28 Dec

Losers Like Them: GaGa, P!nk, Taylor and Glee.

If there were ever a year to be an outcast, 2011 was that year. I’m not being cynical about it because society can be pretty isolating and if people can find support through music, so be it. Of the year’s biggest themes in popular music (dubstep and underdogs), the anthems that heralded the misfits and anyone that the majority deems different were surprisingly heartening. There are far worse trends (homophobia, misogyny) that artists have exploited in the past. At least this one spreads a freakin’ good message. So we’ve rounded up the top 5 most notable examples of artists singing, ‘hey, just because you think stamp-collecting while drinking hedgehog blood is the bee’s knees doesn’t mean you’re weird. In fact, you’re all the better for it.’ Unsurprisingly, every single choice on this list has been featured on Glee (Edit: Taylor’s Mean totally hasn’t). That may make people roll their eyes, but it makes me want to give the show a massive hug and make it cookies. There is however, a problem with these anthems as they tend to convey a broadbrush message completely devoid of subtlety. But that’s another post entirely. Please also note that I am currently tired from an excess of eating, unwrapping and sellotape-induced injuries. I have already misspelt ‘underdog’ as ‘undergod’ twice which would give this article a much different, more worrying undercurrent. Bear with me:

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Hair – Lady Gaga: In Memory of Jamey Rodemeyer

23 Sep

There was an eerily prescient moment in popular culture today. R.E.M, one of the most influential bands in the last thirty years announced their split. Perhaps the most well known anthem, Everybody Hurts touched millions as a message for those contemplating suicide with the simple message: Don’t do it.

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Love Lust – King Charles

29 Jun

Here’s a number that’s full of fun from solo artist King Charles. Having originally been a part of the band Adventure Playground, which disbanded in 2008, Charles decided to try his hand at a solo career, and so far, it seems to be working out pretty well. If you haven’t already, check out his hair. it’s just enormous. Once you find your way out of it, take a listen to Love Lust below:

Great, right? Mellow, and yet not boring. Now, it would be nice if Vevo decided to stop ruining all of our lives and just let us embed the music video right here so you don’t even have to leave this page, but unfortunately, they find sadistic pleasure in making things more difficult for everyone, so sadly, in order to see the video, you’ll have to perform the taxing chore of clicking here.