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Honey Bunny – Girls

18 Oct

Sometimes, I feel like geography is conspiring against me. We’ve had childhood heroes (Tally Hall) and great new bands (Buxter Hoot’n, The Stone Foxes) from San Francisco. Now we have Girls, who with their brilliant second album make me want to move to San Fran right now. ‘Recorded in 2011 in San Francisco at Golden Gate Studio,’ the album package proudly announces. It’s cool, I understand. The Atlantic ocean separates us. That bitch of a water mass. Anyway, Girls are quite magnificent in their own quite way. A bit like those phones whose taglines are ‘quietly brilliant.’ On a side note, what does that even mean? Are they not that brilliant, but you know decent enough that they can be deemed ‘quiet’? Or are they just silent? Most phones I’ve ever had don’t strike up conversation with me about politics on the regular. I can only say most, because I just got an iPhone and have already developed a fairly strong relationship with Siri. Friends. Who needs them? I bet they can’t tell me what the capital of Lithuania is when I ask them. (Siri just told me it’s Vilnius.) So, Girls. Let’s take a listen.

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Best Thing I Never Had – Beyoncé

28 Jul

Upgrade U: Beyoncé's latest single, deemed an improvement over Girls.

Sometimes (very regularly), I make mistakes. In my Eff, Marry or Kill: Summer Music Edition post, I claimed we should kill Beyoncé’s Girls (That Run The World), calling it ‘overblown, overhyped and overly experimental.’ Yeesh, what was my problem? While it’s not a classic, I now appreciate what Beyoncé was trying to do and experimental is good in pop music! Take back everything I say Miss Knowles and please carry on*. I do however have a problem with songs that have brackets in them, they’re pointless (unnecessary, vacuous, meaningless). Before I move onto 4, I wanted to share my favourite Beyoncé single with you guys, please share yours in the comments! It’s from B’day and is the awesome Upgrade U, featuring Beyoncé at her best:

As you might have guessed, I’ve had a bit of a Beyoncé epiphany since my last post. I still maintain that B’day was her highlight, but I’m really looking forward to giving 4 a proper listen once I’m home in London. I find it far more enjoyable to listen to albums than singles and from the reviews, 4 seems intriguing. It’s easy to forget just how weird a singer Beyonce is, although Rolling Stone reminded me in their review. Sometimes, her crazy awesome voice makes you forget her little indiosyncracies that made her such a prominent member of Destiny’s Child (although we shouldn’t forget that Kelly Rowland’s latest single, Motivation sold far more records than Girls). From what I can tell from Best Thing I Never Had, Beyoncé seems to be more, well… Beyoncé (that’s its own adjective, right?). As many of the YouTube commenters note, this is a far stronger single. Far more commercial anyway. As far as break-up songs go, it’s nice. Okay, it isn’t Irreplaceable (a B’day alumnus), ‘sucks to be you right now’ doesn’t live up to ‘to the left, to the left.’ And I have a slight problem with:

You showed your ass and I saw the real you

But this is Beyoncé, and as a recent convert, I’ll take it. Once I buy the album, I’ll do a review for the blog (there’s little else to do on plane journeys afterall.) Here’s the video:

* I say this with the complete delusion that the awesome Beyoncé cares what I, or anyone thinks.

Girls – Youth Cattle

28 Jun

Sometimes it can be very hard to find “fresh” music. How can you produce a fresh sound when every type has essentially been defined already? The answer is with courage and the willingness to try new things (WOW this is cliché). So although we hear Lady Gaga-brand pop redone countlessly, there is nothing fresh about it. Why? Not to get all ranty on you, but because redoing what people already likes is so inoffensive and so certain of selling. It’s the artists who make music for the sake of making music who are the ones who are going to produce the rare fresh songs. To my mind you can include Youth Cattle amongst those who have dared, and are daring, to push the envelope in the name of evolving music.

That said, sometimes I love familiar if used correctly. I’ve definitely been rambling so let’s get to the actual music and forget the abstract. Youth Cattle list under their influences “self-loathing” and nothing else. Not particularly promising and doesn’t really feel accurate. The California band have such a lovely on the ears sound, soothing. The vocals are Interpol-esque but the tone and tempo of the music is more relaxed and, dare I say it, comforting. The old school photos of the band only serve to highlight that these guys are basically very cool!

The group are picking up a following already and with two potentially lead singles already written and recorded in Summer and Girls, their future is very bright.

What’s Her Name? A Brief Guide to Girls’ Names in Music

1 Mar

Rihanna is the only one in the world, Katy Perry kissed one and Richard Springfield wouldn’t stop saying how much he wanted Jesse’s one. Girls, we’re preoccupied by them and so is music. Especially girls’ names. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love anything to do with your own name. Favourite king? (any one of the) Henrys. Favourite chocolate bar? Oh Henry!s. Favourite cleaning apparatus? Henry the Hoover. Despite any wife-killing tendencies, an overwhelmingly sugary taste and a really quite tacky hoover, they’re my favourite because I’m obsessed with my name. Much is the same with music. Songs with your name are instantly more appealing. There’s nothing wrong with this, I’d do it if Henry was a more popular name, but please be selective in your musical vanity. Case in point, your name’s Amy. Britney Spears sang If U Seek Amy it’s true. But Yann Tierson also created an intriguing track entitled Amy, an infinitely more interesting choice. There’s variation (unless your daughter is called Stacey, in which case you have few options), don’t just love the first one you find. Because if you’re going to be like me and decide if something is named after you that it was actually created for you, you might as well be picky.

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