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Strobe (Adagio In D Minor) – John Murphy

17 Feb

So since there hasn’t been any classical for a while, I thought I’d maybe give you some soundtrack music. Hans Zimmer’s Time from Inception was the last soundtrack on here, and it’s epic, so maybe it’s time to explore a little more. The first song is super cool. It appeared in the movie Sunshine, and is called Strobe (Adagio in D Minor). It’s the only song I would ever want to be playing in the background as I got ready to try something outrageous in order to save the world, or sprint out of a burning building in glorious super super slo-mo. Check it out:

As an added bonus for you, here’s Flying Home by Marius Vries, Ilan Eshkeri, Henry Jackman, and John Murphy. I know that’s a lot of names, but even though this song is short, it’s awesome. The strings and electric guitars blend really well, and although it’s not perhaps on the same level of epic as Time, it’s certainly not far off.

Does it maybe surprise you that both of these songs are from the score of the movie Kick-Ass? Good music is good music…