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Fireworks (Deadboy Remix) – Drake

7 Apr

Been a while since we’ve posted a remix, and hopefully this will make up for that. Deadboy’s revamp of Drake’s song Fireworks (which also features Alicia Keys) is absolutely stunningly good. Recently I’ve taken a little break from the depths of electronic stuff, but I’ll tell you what, this song makes it feel awesome to be back. It was only released on vinyl, so you may have a bit of difficulty getting hold of it, but if you shoot us an email, we should be able to sort you out.

I’ll admit straight away that I’m not the biggest fan of Drake, and as you’ll notice if you listen, Deadboy basically only uses Alicia Keys’ vocals and just cuts Drake out of the song completely. Fair enough. I’m not complaining when you produce something as good as this. I love the part the piano plays and I also love when the song feels deeper at the very end. Truly truly beautiful.