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Feel So Close – Calvin Harris

29 Aug

Calvin Harris: he just wants to Feel So Close to you.

Calvin Harris is an artist whom I’ve never paid much attention to. I’ve seen him live and he was disappointing; and the fact is, in a world full of adequate DJs, that’s enough to put you off for someone. Acceptable In The 80s is probably my favourite of his early efforts but as someone born in the 90s, makes me feel a little out of my depth. If Mr Harris only has hugs for me if I were born in the 80s, well then I’ll stick with Katy Perry. She kissed a girl and doesn’t discriminate on age (and had a rather amusing twitter based argument with Calvin Harris).

However, Harris has really impressed me lately with his Kelis colloboration, Bounce. It plays like a cooler, more restrained Hello. Every time that I hear this song, it grows on me which seems rare for a Calvin Harris song. You’ve bound to have heard it, or at least recogonise the nintendo-esque hook but here’s the stylish video:

His latest single, Feel So Close builds upon Bounce’s solid work. Both Bounce and Feel So Close are remarkably close to Calvin Harris’s work. They feature catchy electronic hooks, contain few lyrics and repeat the same phrase until Harris hammers it into your inner cortex.

‘It could be a successor to the Teenage Dream crown’

But Bounce and Feel So Close are so much more sophisticated than his earlier work that it’s almost incomparable. Feel So Close feels like a true song of the summer, even it is a bit late (there’s always next year; it certainly didn’t stop Last Friday Night). It’s both frothy and endearing in equal measure with lyrics like:

I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal
Your love bows down, I mean surround me like a waterfall
And there’s no stopping us right now
I feel so close to you right now

Teenage Kicks: The video builds upon the song's theme of young love (which I absolutely love.)

In the summer, nostalgic, teenage-centric, pop singles stakes it could almost be a successor to the Teenage Dream crown, no mean feat. Take a listen and a look at the video. As well as sound quality, Harris’ videos have become seriously cool and amongst some of my favourites this year: