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En Automne – Kasar

11 Jun

Soothing! Dramatic! Too much exclamation for a Monday.

This is a ‘a piano driven Electronica/Pop’ record. I know. I know it’s Monday and you probably just want to curl up into a ball, cover yourself with a blanket, listen to smooth jazz and drink tea. But sometimes, you just have to push the envelope. Sometimes. This is actually pretty neat, and in the press package, I was told ‘the brother (and I assume this is Kasar’s brother) shares a label with Charlie Chaplains son!’ Well, if we want to play that game, I go to stay in the same village in Ireland where Charlie Chaplain stayed and have family photos with his relatives. This is a slightly boring, non-inclusive game so let’s just take a listen to the song: 

I wouldn’t normally post something like this (in part, because this is pretty unique) but it’s delightful. That it’s so piano-driven is wonderful; it’s jaunty, unexpected but also reassuringly persistent. Kasar’s record is called, The Piano Has Been Smoking and you can buy it now. There seem to be a lot of great tracks on that album and if you’ve enjoyed En Automne, I’d buy the lot of them. Because, let’s face it, how many other artists are there similar to Kasar? Thought so.