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The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) – Morgan Page (feat. Lissie)

24 Jun

I have finally, FINALLY finished all of my exams. Thank goodness. After four in three days, I was ready to jump off a cliff. Having finally rid myself of urges that on another day might have led me to believe that I was a lemming, I can now provide you with a stream of glorious tunes.

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Till We Die (feat. Nina Kinert) – Tomas Barford

29 May

By golly, I’ve seen some smouldering looks in my time, but Danish producer Tomas Barfod surely takes the cake with that stare. Why so moody Tomas? I don’t know, must all be part of the image. Anyways, have a listen to Till We Die.

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Allein – Pryda

24 May

I’m finally off school and feel like celebrating! Here’s a song that get you in a mood to party with me, even though I have to go right back to school tomorrow in order to finish my art coursework. It feels like the work will never stop, and it most probably won’t. It’s probably a good idea to learn that now. 

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Fill Me In – Craig David

7 Feb

It makes me awfully sad to think that Craig David has been forgotten. I remember his debut, Born To Do It, and thinking it was quite simply off the charts (it wasn’t. This song got to Number 15 in the USA and this album went platinum).

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I’m On One – DJ Khaled feat. Drake (Unicorn Kid Remix)

1 Feb

In accordance with my recent Drake crush, here’s a gem that a friend showed me a couple of days ago and haven’t been able to stop listening to. Despite an extremely questionable haircut (pictured above), Unicorn Kid’s genius is inside his head as opposed to outside it. He turns Drake’s huge hit into a brilliantly trancey dance track. I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve needed a little bit of dance in my life, and although Unicorn Kid probably isn’t someone who I’d be paying incredibly close attention to with regards to new releases, this track is definitely worth picking up (for free!). Listen below.


Lucy – Jealousy

1 Dec

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Dream On – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

22 Nov

Orlando Higginbottom…Edmund Finnis…wait, who?! Oh, you mean Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs! Indeed, the memorable stage-name of these Oxford DJ dynamos sticks in the mind, and rightly so. Since rising from obscurity with the delectable duality of Garden, their latest track Dream On continues the eclectic mash-up of jungle/electro/dance, a very refreshing break from the usual bland club offerings:

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We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) – Rihanna

31 Oct

Okay forgive me for being late on this one. About a month late, but we’ll just say that this is post that is celebrating the video. It was weird. The other night I heard a Rihanna song. I liked it, so I decided to listen to some more Rihanna songs. It was a very simple development that took place over the course of that one night, and now I really really like Rihanna. Her newest offering, We Found Love features Calvin Harris and is absolutely sure to getcha groovin.

Also, if you like this song, then you should really check out Coldplay’s cover. I think it’s done really well and Chris Martin sounds good with anything:

Streetz Tonight – Araabmuzik

29 Jul

Haven’t had any dance lately, so let me give you Streetz Tonight by Araabmuzik. There’s been some buzz about this kid lately, and as far as I know, he’s just a dude from Harlem who has been harboring some attention. Good for him. Anyhow, this song is something you can definitely dance to:

Nice and deep. It’s the classic combination of a soft but driving backing with a soaring female vocal layered over the top. We’re not complaining when it’s this good though. If you asked me to give you one word to describe it, I’d probably use ‘dreamy.’ Also, if you like the sound of this, be sure to download Araabmuzik’s mixtape for free, as it also has some awesome tunes on it.

Mr Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan

4 Jul

Apologies to the UK. If you’ve been near a radio in the past month or so, there is a large chance that this song has been blasting out of it. However, for everyone else, meet Mr Saxobeat. Having amassed 57.5 million views in the 7 months that it has been on YouTube, I felt it appropriate to address this song.

In all its mainstream glory (I can feel the more indie of you shake your heads in dismay) it’s nearly impossible to deny that this is a very very good dance song. It’s extraordinarily catchy, and while it might be reasonable to assume that this is the only Alexandra Stan song that will ever be popular, we can at least enjoy the company of Mr Saxobeat for now. He’s a nice guy. Here’s the video.