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Somebody That I Used To Know – fun.

17 May

sun. sun. sun.

Double time! My favourite band of the year (?) have covered the stand-out hit from 2012, Somebody That I Used To Know. You might’ve heard it. It’s everywhere. Also everywhere: fun.’s We Are Young. Below are the results of mixing two of the biggest artists of 2k12:


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The Top 40. In 14 Minutes. On Piano.

4 May

He’s young. I’m young. He’s just more talented.

How were your Fridays? Mine was dreadful. But two surprise essays, one singing competition and a Latin test later, and I’m alive. Anyway, Alfie Magliano is a 14 year old kid who’s about to make you feel way under accomplished. He’s a crazy good piano player (the best type of piano player) and he’s played out samples of the Top 40 on his instrument (percussion . . . not anything else). Fun game: Close your eyes and see how many songs you can remember. Or not, just listen after the jump:

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We Found Love – Army Of 3

26 Apr

Ingrid actually did find love recently, confirming her marriage on Twitter (Twitter!) in January.

Thursday’s my favourite day of the week and coincidentally, this is the my favourite cover of a Rihanna song I’ve heard all week. What are the chances?

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Florence Unplugged

19 Apr

Flo-rida. Two totally unrelated artists. She's also not from Florida. They just sounded the same, okay?

Coincidenceville: I was going to post this yesterday but then I heard the new Flo-Rida track and moved this to today (obviously) and they’re both called Flo, you guys! Also, a peril of using the word ‘coincidenceville’ (obviously not a word) is that spell check doesn’t offer you a suggestion for ‘coincidence’ as it doesn’t recognise the ‘-ville. That’s fine but I always misspell coincidence, making my use of slang especially risky. I also just misspelt ‘misspell’ so that’s irony (kinda? Not really) for you. Anyway, I once saw a really sweet video interview between Katy Perry and Florence (hey! I found it) that I really enjoyed. Watch and learn, kids. Watch and learn. Below:

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The One That Got Away (Acoustic) – Katy Perry & Jon Brian

19 Jan

This newly released TOTGA cover is notable for a few reasons and as I’m tired I’m going to list these numerically (because sometimes, maths is useful.):

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I’m On One (Piano Remix) – Bei Maejor

15 Sep

Really sorry for the lack of posting, but me and the others are just being bombarded with tidal waves of work, and so it’s really tough to find the time some days. I’ll keep it short and sweet today and leave you with a little tune I’ve been enjoying over the past week. Bei Maejor covers Drake with his piano-based cover of I’m On One. Enjoy:

A Little Respect – Wheatus

26 Apr

Released originally in 1988 by pop duo Erasure, A Little Respect was an instant hit. Eventually it went up to number 4 in the UK Singles Chart and it’s obvious once you listen to it why. Since then, it has been covered numerous times, even by a Portuguese band called Silence 4. However, the version I’d like to draw attention to is one by American band Wheatus.

How’s that for a great song. I first heard it when I was like eight, and I’ll be honest, I thought that the lead singer was a women because, well, I guess when I was that young there was no such thing as a falsetto voice. We all know Wheatus for Teenage Dirtbag, but this song should not be overlooked!

Covering Our Tracks: Music’s Obsession With Remakes

24 Feb

It seems that in music, you really can teach an old dog new tricks. As music fans, we share a passion for all things re-worked. Think of some recent hits, Florence + The Machine’s You Got The Love, Fyfe Dangerfield’s She’s Always A Woman, and Ellie Goulding’s yawn-inducing Your Song. Cast our minds back a few years back to Mark Ronson’s Version and remember when Amy Winehouse’s Zuton-infused vocal chords assaulted our summer. And in our current days of Glee where songs are constantly reworked, my eardrums shudder at the mere reference of Don’t Stop Believin’. But what is it about covers that make them so addictive? I think a cover’s success is down to three things:

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