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Never Changing (Jay-Z & Coldplay) – Maludo

17 Aug

I found this gem the other day. Mash-Up fans pay attention because Maludo has worked some magic here, and created something awesome. Coldplay and Jay-Z get blended together to produce Never Changing, a relaxing product that will calmly lead you through any Sunday afternoon, or rainy day.

For whatever reason, I don’t really think anyone has picked up on this yet, but you most definitely should. Also, the news gets better, because it’s available to download free of charge, and you can do so by clicking here.

Swim Good – Frank Ocean

31 May

Since Frank Ocean’s release of his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra I have been slowly but surely been falling in love with the man who’s music can’t help but seem out of place when compared to that of the other OFWGKTA members. I love every single song on this mixtape, but my absolute favourite is Swim Good:

Awesome lyrics, catchy melody, it’s really got it all. Nostalgia, Ultra was due to be released on Def Jam, until the record label reportedly pulled out. However, we’re now expected to see Def Jam release the mixtape in July, which is great news. Another track that I thought deserved a mention was Frank Ocean’s version of Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing. More of you will be probably be familiar with this one. Happy listening!

Christmas Lights – Coldplay

2 Dec

Here’s a new Coldplay song. And when I say new, I mean really new. I when I say really new I mean released-last-night new. Christmas Lights is Coldplay’s first single off of their forthcoming album. Do you remember that post we did a while ago about Chris Martin’s exclusive performance of a never-before-heard song called Wedding Bells? Well this song seems like kind of a rework of that, and if you listen carefully you can pick out similar lyrics like “all kinds of poison in my blood,” and “I’ve always loved you and I always will.” Who knows?

Aside from that, the song is what you’d expect from Coldplay; an upbeat anthem built mainly around Chris Martin’s distinctive voice. It builds and builds in the expected way as we get closer to the end of the song. One thing I haven’t decided whether I like or not is the Christmassy feel of the song. Okay, you could argue we clearly had that coming what with the title being Christmas Lights, but there are some bells in this song that feel particularly festive. Here’s the video:

Wedding Bells – Coldplay

6 Sep

Here’s another quick one for today. Chris Martin performed a never before heard song called Wedding Bells an Apple event in San Francisco, and we thought all you Coldplay fans would want to hear it. It may not even be released, but we think it’s a great song, so here’s the video of the performance: