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This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

27 Jul

Lots of reasons to be happy today! Firsty, I won my epic battle in trying to get the site back up and running. So that immediately put me in a good mood. Secondly, today is July 27th; our official 1st birthday! So, it is my pleasure to reveal that Devan Carlton from San Diego was the winner of our birthday competition, and as a result, will receive his requested copy of Bon Iver’s second album delivered to his doorstep. Being in such a great mood, I decided to whip out a song that everybody’s got to know, and no matter where you are on the mood scale, hopefully this bad boy will increase it by at least 100%.


It has been a truly awesome first year. We’ve had it all. Technical difficulties, musical difficulties, and just plain difficulties. I want to especially thank Michael, Henry, and Luke who volunteer their time to help make this blog worth reading simply because they love music so much. They are great guys. Secondly thanks to you! We absolutely love giving you new tunes, and so here’s to the next year! Take it away Montell!

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Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

18 Jul

A classic for today because it has been completely stuck in my head for the past few days. Fast Car is my favourite song by multi-platinum and four-time Grammy Award winner Tracy Chapman. Chapman began writing songs at the tender age of eight, and it becomes crystal clear that songwriting is her calling when you take a listen.

Yeah, breathtaking. Sorry, just had to fit that one in today even though you all probably knew it. Recently I have become a huge Tracy Chapman fan, and am on the verge of worshipping her, so hopefully you can all join me. As I was watching the live performance on YouTube, this comment stuck out to me: “If you’re younger than 20, watch and listen carefully because this is what they used to call talent.”