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Christmas Lights – Coldplay

2 Dec

Here’s a new Coldplay song. And when I say new, I mean really new. I when I say really new I mean released-last-night new. Christmas Lights is Coldplay’s first single off of their forthcoming album. Do you remember that post we did a while ago about Chris Martin’s exclusive performance of a never-before-heard song called Wedding Bells? Well this song seems like kind of a rework of that, and if you listen carefully you can pick out similar lyrics like “all kinds of poison in my blood,” and “I’ve always loved you and I always will.” Who knows?

Aside from that, the song is what you’d expect from Coldplay; an upbeat anthem built mainly around Chris Martin’s distinctive voice. It builds and builds in the expected way as we get closer to the end of the song. One thing I haven’t decided whether I like or not is the Christmassy feel of the song. Okay, you could argue we clearly had that coming what with the title being Christmas Lights, but there are some bells in this song that feel particularly festive. Here’s the video: