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The Top 40. In 14 Minutes. On Piano.

4 May

He’s young. I’m young. He’s just more talented.

How were your Fridays? Mine was dreadful. But two surprise essays, one singing competition and a Latin test later, and I’m alive. Anyway, Alfie Magliano is a 14 year old kid who’s about to make you feel way under accomplished. He’s a crazy good piano player (the best type of piano player) and he’s played out samples of the Top 40 on his instrument (percussion . . . not anything else). Fun game: Close your eyes and see how many songs you can remember. Or not, just listen after the jump:

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Have Some Carly Rae Punk For Your Saturday

28 Apr

Call Her Definitely Maybe

I’d say that Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe will be top of the charts these summer months. I’d place money (if I had any) on it following a neat fun./Gotye type sequence whereby a consistent trickle of stunts propells (or encourages) it to number one (a Glee sequence, Superbowl appearance and a viral cover and Glee sequence respectively.) They’re sleeper hits, or about as much as a sleep hit with which you can charge a pop song. Call Me Maybe has Bieber buzz, Canadian buzz, and surely Glee buzz by the end of season three? Make that happen, RIB. Anyway, here’s a Carly Rae remix for your Saturday – and please don’t assume I mean this is for partying – it’s for all-weathers. Equal amounts useful for a night in with a pizza alone or a night out in Shoreditch. I won’t tell you into which category I fall.

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