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California – Oh Laura

2 Jul

(Oh) Laura

Howdy! I’ve finished with school for good, one of is already on vacation and I’ve a long stretch of . . . nothing in front of me. That all means one thing: I shall be imprinting my confused mix of indie/rock/dream/pop on you all summer long. The other guys have good music taste, but let’s face it: My music taste is tailor made for summer music. Fine, fresh, fierce, it’s undeniable:

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California – Delta Spirit

20 Jun

That’s the (Delta) Spirit

This is probably one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a while. And look, I know I say that almost every post but I really mean it this time. And in my search for the perfect summer song (they don’t exist, but collect hazily under an umbrella of chirp and Top 40), this hit the sweet spot. But what makes Delta Spirit’s California so brazenly brilliant is that it subverts the cliched subject of California so effortlessly. Listen, learn to love and enjoy a truly fantastic video. All after the jump.

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