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Silent Alarm – Boxes

29 Nov

Judging a music video is hard work. There are some amazing ones, which I will share next week, but so so so many really boring ones. They are just genuinely quite bland and seem like an after thought when releasing a single. This is definitely one that is in the first category. Continue reading

Time Crisis – Pin Me Down

8 Oct

Time Crisis is the catchiest track of the year and is brought to you by a duo with a few feathers in their cap – Pin Me Down


The band hosts Milena Mepris and Russel Lissack, both of whom have illustrious past music experience. Milena is the American female vocalist in the band and she has been working with a group called Black Moustache before she joined up with Russel. Russel will be familiar to almost all of you. As lead guitarist of Bloc Party and now a member of Ash, Russel has developed a musical style which has been heard all over the world.


The song opens with a very electronic back-beat which gives the song a unique dance feel making it one of those tracks which are impossible to get bored of. In Time Crisis his touch can be heard in the chorus with riffs reminiscent of I Still Remember, one of the best songs Bloc Party ever produced. The song was my favourite song of the summer because of its feel-good vibe and the excitement the band communicate across in the music. And I can assure you this excitement follows through to their performance as they saw the duo perform in London for the launch of their new album.

The track was given away free before the album was released so its going to be free for y’all to download again here. If you enjoy this song I highly recomend you buy the album which has some absolute belters on it or give it a listen on the band’s MySpace!

Like Eating Glass – Bloc Party

6 Oct

Okay, we’ve already blogged a track from this album but the fact that we’re giving you another one should just prove to you how great it is, and how important it is that you run over and get this one. There’s some Bloc Party history over there in the other post, so we won’t give you that again, this time we’ll just focus on the song.

Love the drums on this one. Even though he’s a little goofy looking, he sure can play. Kele’s voice is also distinctive and the stuff he says is pretty cool too. If you’ve listened to Bloc Party’s newer stuff before, you should be able to hear a pretty sizeable difference between the two styles. That’s not to say I don’t like their new material, I actually like some of it a lot, it’s just that their older songs seem a lot more real if you know what I mean. Plus, you don’t hear a lot of that kind of stuff on the radio anymore, but then again I guess that can be said for a lot of music. Anyway, here’s an awesome live performance of the song:

Compliments – Bloc Party

4 Sep

Everyone knows Bloc Party. The English band got their big break after the lead singer, Kele Okereke gave copies of one of their songs, She’s Hearing Voices to BBC Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq, who played it on his show, calling it genius.

Compliments is a lesser known track off of Bloc Party’s album Silent Alarm, NME’s Album Of The Year for 2005. The album was given rave reviews, and later went platinum.

The actual song starts off softly and builds. There’s an eerie feel to it, as emphasised guitar plucks fill the spaces beautifully in between the mesmerising verses. We also really like the lyrics to this one, so listen out.

Check out the Bloc Party Official Site for more info.

If you liked the song, you may enjoy this video of a  live version that Bloc Party played: