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The Downeaster “Alexa” – Billy Joel

1 Jun


I’m sure by now many of you have already seen the second instalment of The Hangover which, despite not being quite as funny as the first one, still had me in stitches in parts. But like the first one, on a second watch what strikes is the quality of the film around the laughs. The direction is good but the soundtrack is really excellent. It sets the tone for the movie beautifully and whilst Stu’s (Ed Helms) song wasn’t quite as memorable as What do tigers dream of, the rest of the music really rocks.


So I went out and bought the soundtrack straight after seeing the movie yesterday, but it was for one song in particular. The opening shot of the resort in Thailand was accompanied by an awesome song, strong and lyrically beautiful. Did it compliment the movie? Sure. But the song itself was what I cared about and I’m sure those with me will testify to how irritating I was asking who it was.

People, it’s Billy Joel! Suffice to say, I was surprised. We Didn’t Start the Fire is obviously a classic but Billy Joel has never been an artist I have cared much for. I sure as shit was wrong though because this is a great song and I’ve been singing it (badly) all day. Although this was originally released on the album Storm Front twenty years ago, this version has a delightful snippet from the movie with one of my absolute favourite quotes so listen out at the end!