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Prophet (Better Watch It) – Rizzle Kicks

25 May

Feels like a while since the last hip-hop, and even longer since the last British hip-hop. Oh well, here we go with Prophet (Better Watch It) from dynamic duo Rizzle Kicks. First of all, you just have to love the story about how these two got together in the first place. Facing each other in a football match before going to the same college, it seems like they were always running into one another before they eventually got together to start making music. Take a listen to the song:

I love this song for a lot of reasons. Firstly it’s so old school. It has an awesome beat, and what’s more, the balance between the guys’ two different voices is great, and keeps the track refreshing throughout. They really manage to incorporate a huge amount into this song, harmonies included. What’s more, their voices have that cool factor that you just have to have naturally. The video is also outstanding:

I would definitely tip these guys to be big in the near future. For more check out their site, where the guys have just released an awesome new song called Down With The Trumpets.