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Troublemaker – Beach House

18 May

Exactly how I imagine Beach House spending their time.

I’m a believer in a few things in life – laughing at one’s own jokes, the superiority of pandas above anything – and symmetry. I suppose symmetry is a pretty definite concept but as I started this week off with Beach House, I thought I’d return to them on Friday. Balance and all. Heads up: Michael and I claimed to have started reviewing The Voice but that rather fell to pot last week. I could reel off a few excuses (all valid but all very dull) so I’m making a (tentative) promise to post some reviews on Sunday afternoon before the results show that night. Hold me to that. Beach House after the jump:

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Lazuli – Beach House

14 May

In Bloom: Beach House

So. Much. Work. But that’s boring. What’s not boring: Beach House’s new album. Teen Dream was an alternate soundtrack for my summer last year and it’s coincidenceville that they’ve released Bloom in time for this vacation. Huzzahs all round:

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Loft Music – The Weeknd

9 May

I have a really exciting post for you guys tomorrow. Not that this is a post about which I’m not excited; I’m just a little time-pressed. So let’s speed this along:

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Myth – Beach House

7 May

Bank holiday Monday! Time to seize that free time and use it super productively right? For me at least, wrong. I’m going to do literally nothing but listen to the song after the jump.

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What We’re Listening To: Week 1

23 Sep

Hi guys, I am very pleased to tell you that today marks the start of a weekly new  post for CanYouHearThis. We’re going to be telling you what us authors have had on repeat for the week and why they’re worthy of your attention. Check out our first choices after the jump!

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