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Peace – Skytone

7 Oct


As a blog we get sent tonnes of music, and we really appreciate all the stuff you guys and producers send our way, both in listening to it and then sharing it with everyone. There are of course personal favorites within the team, things we each are more likely to jump on if it comes through. when I first got sent the Skytone’s Shining Over You I spent a long time listening to the whole album and taking it all in. In a way they have managed to blend a lot of the musical influences that have shaped my own love for music.

Based out of Ottawa the press release we were sent said they had “quite an exciting sound drawing on a wide range of influences from The Beatles and the Beach Boys, to the 80`s New Wave of Joe Jackson and The Clash, with hints of the Trash Can Sinatras,The Wondermints and Shack and not really sounding like any of the above.” In a way this is bang on the mark but there’s something else. The sleepy North American guitar slow rock begins to creep into their music, and yet at the same time they have a slight introduction of tight British sounding rifts.

The song I finally focused on was Peace in many ways it is one of the most mature pieces on the album taking influence I feel from the British band The Enemy the way in which it has a rusty punk rock feel to it with indie interjections. Its almost as if watching Autumn being made into music in front of your own eyes. The heavy tone doesn’t detract instead it creates a strong stone with plenty of potential. Perhaps there are better “hits” on the album but this one has something better than that, it has emotion in it and depth, that many other tracks simply don’t reach.

From the rest of the album, Shining Over You, here are two songs playing more to a Franz Ferdinand and Kasier Chief area, both display a great degree of maturity and deserve a careful listen to. The whole album displays a great deal of potential but also careful and quality music making.

Working Class Lament:

Never No Never:

Loving this band and hopefully you will too, I’m hoping to see a lot more mature song making from them, building on their melodies and really exploring the complexity they can take music to and the great tunes they can extract from that extreme.


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