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Will Justin Bieber Ever Achieve That Number One?

6 Jul

‘Baby, baby, baby, where’s my number one?’

We live in a strange, strange world. The most followed people on Twitter are all pop stars. Okay, that’s not that strange (and I find it pretty heartening). What is strange, though is that the most followed, Lady GaGa (twenty six million) has three and the third most followed, Katy Perry (twenty two million) has seven. Sandwiched between these two leading ladies of pop is Justin Bieber who has . . . no number one singles. Okay, that’s hardly the end of the world, he has a handful (Boyfriend, Baby and Never Say Never) that have reached top ten and even more number one albums and he still has 24,250,060 more followers on twitter than me. But that astounding success makes his failure to achieve a number one single even more startling. That his tutee, Carly Rae, has run around at number one with Call Me Maybe for a few weeks now makes that even more dramatic (in the world I’m speaking about anyway). That little introduction was all to say, read this article by Chris Molanphy from the Village Voice. It’s both insightful and compelling and adds a layer of nuance that the Billboard 100 isn’t often granted. 

It’s a detailed look into the world of Hot 100 pop that paints a more ambiguous picture than previously imagined. Seriously. And if there were ever a single to reach number one, I wish it has been Boyfriend. It’s just a really sophisticated track. Listen below and throw away any reductive, pre-conceived ideas you had about Justin Bieber now, please: