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Time Crisis – Pin Me Down

8 Oct

Time Crisis is the catchiest track of the year and is brought to you by a duo with a few feathers in their cap – Pin Me Down


The band hosts Milena Mepris and Russel Lissack, both of whom have illustrious past music experience. Milena is the American female vocalist in the band and she has been working with a group called Black Moustache before she joined up with Russel. Russel will be familiar to almost all of you. As lead guitarist of Bloc Party and now a member of Ash, Russel has developed a musical style which has been heard all over the world.


The song opens with a very electronic back-beat which gives the song a unique dance feel making it one of those tracks which are impossible to get bored of. In Time Crisis his touch can be heard in the chorus with riffs reminiscent of I Still Remember, one of the best songs Bloc Party ever produced. The song was my favourite song of the summer because of its feel-good vibe and the excitement the band communicate across in the music. And I can assure you this excitement follows through to their performance as they saw the duo perform in London for the launch of their new album.

The track was given away free before the album was released so its going to be free for y’all to download again here. If you enjoy this song I highly recomend you buy the album which has some absolute belters on it or give it a listen on the band’s MySpace!