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Stay Gold (AraabMuzik, Danny Brown remix) – The Big Pink

8 Jan

Previously I had commented that Big Pink’s Stay Gold  had something obviously missing and positively rejoiced when I heard Hit The Ground. Well, fear no more, for this remix by AraabMuzik and Danny Brown (A remix within a remix? Remixception? You bet) fills what was once an empty track, peppering in catchy, Gambino-esque rap lyrics:

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Streetz Tonight – Araabmuzik

29 Jul

Haven’t had any dance lately, so let me give you Streetz Tonight by Araabmuzik. There’s been some buzz about this kid lately, and as far as I know, he’s just a dude from Harlem who has been harboring some attention. Good for him. Anyhow, this song is something you can definitely dance to:

Nice and deep. It’s the classic combination of a soft but driving backing with a soaring female vocal layered over the top. We’re not complaining when it’s this good though. If you asked me to give you one word to describe it, I’d probably use ‘dreamy.’ Also, if you like the sound of this, be sure to download Araabmuzik’s mixtape for free, as it also has some awesome tunes on it.