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90210 – Wale

15 Nov

Wale, ne Olubowale Victor Akintimehin (whichever you find easier to say) is a refreshing change in the rap industry. Originating from D.C, his anthemic Dig Dug attracted attention and Mark Ronson signed him up to Allido Records. Although he has been around for a while, Wale has only really been catching mainstream music’s attention with the release of his debut album and various single.

One of his freshest tracks was recorded with Lady Gaga who brings something awesome to the record. Take a listen:

It’s a great poppy tune infused with a street vibe that creates a rousing chorus and something that appears innovative and leaves others thinking ‘why didn’t we think of that?’ If Chillin’ showed us what Wale was capable of, 90210 shows a great potential of the depths that he can dive to. Take (another) listen:

Yes, it’s a subject that has been done to death. Rich people, their glamour and its pill-inducing/dietary disease creating/eventual unhappiness side effects. What Wale manages to do is take all these subjects and create something with an undeniably cool edge. He has a flair for creating really iconic lyrics such as:

She live her whole life like TV
And she would do anything for everything
Regular girl, Celebrity dreams
She is 90210

If those aren’t deserving of a teenager’s Facebook quotations, I don’t know what is.